Recovery from surgery

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by amzi, Aug 12, 2014.

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    Oct 2, 2014
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    Thanks for the info, Amzi. Goes to show the value of taking an HPI; "history of present illness", which of course I couldn't do.
    If I might comment on your comment, I only suggested GERD because it's been implicated in AF, and also because based on what little information I had it seemed logical as an etiology for the AF. I hope you will print out my little erroneous analysis and let your cardiologist read it.
    About playing your horn, you might want to think about staying below G above the staff for a few months if you want to return to playing sooner than advised. That will attenuate pressure on the diaphragm and abdomen a bit. Just think about Chet Baker. With occasional exceptions he played mostly in the lower register and made memorable music. It could be a good opportunity to explore that avenue for a while.

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    Ed--I don't snore and I don't have sleep apnea. People have been trying to give it to me for years, but they haven't succeeded yet. I have asthma and have been diagnosed with COPD, but I don't require oxygen. With the exception of occasional asthma symptoms my only real problem is a lack of "vital capacity". I only have about 75% of "normal" lung capacity--but I am able to work around that. Hope everything goes well when you visit your doctors.
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    I was off for the longest 3 months of my life after getting my diaphragm sewn back up. If you are in a hurry, just think about the option of it tearing because you leaned on it too early. After 3 months I had the opportunity to restart just like I successfully teach others. It was a great lesson!

    Your doctor may be right about air in the stomach. I don't know any trumpet players that don't fart......
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    Hang in their my fiend. It WILL get better. I had a near death experience that had me loose nearly 30 lbs and it has REALLY helped me. God's way of telling me to slim down I see it. And my trumpet playing has never been better as a result, I truly feel this. And the only other thing I can recommend is Sotalol. I am having great luck in my afib patients with this medication and that's now lie... Get it afib... no lie. Yeah. Humor in medicine goes a long way. You will too sir by playing the stress away in or out of church.

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