Renting to own a horn

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    Rent to own beginner instruments:
    In many states, regulations exist to limit the term that these agreements can be for. In New York it is a maximum of 36 months until the purchase is complete. Stores divide the list price by 36 and make that the rental cost per month, excluding repairs and maintenance. This means that a street price $600 trumpet, with a list price of $995 will cost roughly $30 per month. If the student gives up after a year, it has cost the parents $360. If they had bought the trumpet at the beginning, the child would have a sense of ownership of the horn; a better relationship, and would be slightly more inclined to keep going. But if the student gave up the parents would only have to sell the 1 year old trumpet for more than $140 to be ahead of the game. A no-brainer to me.

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