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    Apr 26, 2011
    I am doing a research paper on trumpet performance. This career is a little tricky to find information on because it can vary a lot from person to person. Some of the things I have to find are the average salary, how many hours you have to work, the routine, skills needed(this one is obvious), education needed,which colleges are the best for this career. I figured that this was the best place to go to because it is full of trumpet professionals. If anyone could help, that would be great.
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    It's like pro sports, there's always room at the top. Are you going to include minor league salaries in your average? If you are a phenominal player nobody really cares where or if you went to college. Most of us, I think, did go to college to get good enough to give it a go. Start checking the bios of players you admire. As far as salary? Symphony musicians and teachers have salaries, Everybody else has, more or less, income from freelancing, they are self emloyed.
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    You can also contact the American Federation of Mucisians for some info on salaries. There are also the studio mucisians that are contracted and have the first call benefits for work. Those are the cream of the crop and most likely are sponsored by leading musical instrument manufacturers. Then comes the signature line of instruments so there is another spin to your research paper. LOL If you read a bio on Herb Alpert, he is probably a great source for your paper. Good luck with your research. Let us know how you do and post a PDF of your paper once it's graded and finalized. One suggestion, make sure your citations are spot on accurate for us to reference as well. :-)
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    Salaries vary local by local, things like studio work are set in stone. As Ed said, it's mostly freelance, the hours spent practicing can go from 8 hours on down, a good teacher (who can be a mentor, too) is important; unless you are in Germany, where there is a Mannheim Mafia involved in the orchestral scene, a blind audition can land anyone.
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    Interesting topic; trumpet performance, do you mean professional trumpet players? Trumpet performance is simply that it does not allude to a career or profession.
    As for salary find out what a musician makes in the:
    LA or NY phil, LA and NY studio/Broadway show musician, players on the tonight show letterman etc., US Military band members, cruise ship players and freelance musicians in a large city. I know a professional trumpet player in the SF Bay Area that claimed $ 9,000 on his taxes in 2011. This is not a hack, he traveled the world on the road with a legend as his lead player. They would represent the bottom of the scale.

    I have heard it rumored that a trumpet player traveling with a very popular group (D.M.B.) is extremely well paid. (Supposedly a millionaire now) Herb Alpert, Chris Botti would represent this top tier of money makers as well. So do you throw out the top and the bottom and average what is in the middle? You may offer up the extremes as simply that and find/state the average. My guess $50,000–$60,000 a year from playing only.
    How to you qualify professional or performance income only? If this is about performance then teaching, clinics, selling books, and sponsorship money should be omitted. Add it all in If you are talking about professional trumpet players income but you should foot note this income as non performance income.

    Education is going to be a vast spread as well, you have those that studied forever and some that went to work straight out of high school or after 1-2 years of college. “education needed, which colleges are the best for this career”. I am sure that there are higher percentages of continuing musicians at a select number of schools. How do you gather this information? If you are talking about the opinions of other students and faculty even the few that answer here, your control group or source information is not going to be all inclusive and/or skewed. You might source on line bios or studies for this information. Private instruction plays a role here as well. Do not discount the concept of experience, i.e. road bands, (like miller) cruise ships, small orchestra and garage bands. Tower of Power was once a garage band. As a pro player it may take a few years payin dues (Like an internship) before you are making a living gigging.

    Hours worked, will this include maintenance? We never stop practicing or preparing for work. So is it 3 hours prep, 3-4 hours work? How many days a week? Good luck on that. Don’t forget the commute.

    “the routine, skills needed(this one is obvious)”, Skills are different for different jobs. Wayne Bergeron has an entirely different skill set than Phil Smith or Chris Botti. They certainly have common skills. Are you going to cover these differences or are you going to state basic skills needed by all professional trumpet players? You might just state, "mastery of your horn".
    Good luck.

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    Full? Cool, I guess that makes all of use pros.

    I think you will find your answers in the posts above. A member that gets paid to play the trumpet already posted.

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