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    Review of Intercontinental Drift
    Music of Adrian Kelly
    Produced by New York Trumpet Company
    Trumpet Artists included: Russ Johnson, Adrian Kelly, Nick Drozdoff, Tony Gamaro, Garret Savuck, Felix Vasyer, and David Elton

    This CD features some of the NYTC artists in a variety of musical situations. Everything including rock, swing, blues, fusion and classical trumpet ensemble is included in the 8 tracks on the CD. Adrian Kelly has some nice musical ideas and the performances, for the most part, are well done. Throughout the CD the soloists are able to stretch out in various solo situations. I did feel on a few tracks some of the performance sacrificed range for musical ideas, but overall was very happy with what I heard. The rhythm section backing the group does a spectacular job holding down a good groove and setting the different moods for the musicians to flow over top. The quality of the recording and mix of the CD is good and helps to showcase the performers. The CD has a great deal of variety included; I would like to focus on a few tracks I especially liked.
    One of my favorite tracks on the CD is track #1, “Long Haul Flightâ€. This tune begins with a lone trumpet solo in a bluesy style to then be joined by a heavier groove with a true fusion feel. The trumpet solo continues with a crystal clear tone quality and very tasty solo lines. The rhythm section lays down a great feel for the soloist to open up. All of the soloists personalities come through with the swinging lines of one counteracted by the upper range exclamations of the other. The tune builds as a conversation from piano to trumpet and then a trumpet section chorus lays down some nice lines over the groove. (A very thick sound for such few horns) I feel both trumpet guys and non-trumpet music lovers will like this track, a great way to introduce the CD.
    I also enjoyed track #6 “Fanfare and Reflectionsâ€. This track was trumpet ensemble only and was done very tastefully. (I plan on ordering the sheet music for this one) Modern harmonies and tight playing by all involved in the ensemble. This track is a relaxing listen that showcases the talents of the composer. Intonation and blend is wonderful throughout the performance, all of the players seem to be working together to bring this music alive. Good articulations and a single musical direction create a musical portrait. People who think the NYTC horns are only for commercial players should hear this track.
    Track # 7 “Crawl, Slap, and Boogie†also had some nice things going on musically. This tune has the addition of a trombone solo which again adds some variety for the listener. Some nice harmonic ideas move through the tune. I found myself listening for a bass line to latch on to; I would have liked to hear more movement. I think this track was a little long.
    Track #8 “Three Days in Saratogaâ€, in my opinion, was a very nice ending to a very nice CD. A single solo line over the rhythm section throughout the tune with nice ideas being developed are present through. Again, the rhythm section lays down a wonderful foundation for the soloist to play an expressive solo. I did not care for the guitarist choice of tone color during the short solo; however the piece grew to a nice climax and then was relaxed by the trumpet solo through the end. Adrian’s ideas and crystal clear tone made him a great listen.
    Overall “Intercontinental Drift†is a CD that should be on any trumpet players, or music lover’s shelf. I truly believe musicians should own as many musical recordings as possible, if not for regular listening enjoyment for a resource. Included on this recording are some talented musicians playing some nice pieces of music. Yes, some of the tracks I did not care for, but how many CD’s do you own where you love all of the tracks? Also, the sheet music for most of this CD is also available. What a great way to help make your practicing more enjoyable. I recommend purchasing this CD. Thanks and if you ever what to talk about the CD or the New York Trumpet Company drop me a line on or Home: My call name is “miles71â€. Have fun and keep playing.

    Tony Domenico

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