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    Jun 7, 2007
    Trumpeting by Nature is a book intended for people of all ages and levels so while some information may seem obvious to the more advanced student, the same information is a great help to beginners looking for direction in all aspects of playing. Jeanne's methods are based on the principle that each player is responsible for becoming their own teacher and her book is a guide to doing so. By providing explanations, photographs and exercises to develop the different areas of trumpet playing (embouchure, air, tonguing, etc.) she helps the reader find their unique “sweet spot†where trumpeting becomes as relaxed and efficient as possible.

    The characteristic that sets this method apart from the rest is the way problems are addressed. There are no generic instructions such as “use less pressure†but instead, each common pitfall is described in terms of how it affects one’s playing. Suggested ways of overcoming these habits are then presented in clear, detailed instructions, making Trumpeting by Nature a great reference for trumpeters at all levels with the desire to diagnose and overcome inconsistencies in their playing.

    The one addition that would make this book all the better is a quick-reference insert or appendix that includes a glossary and a diagram of the muscles frequently referred to in the book. However, the insight one can gain from the book far outweigh this oversight.

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