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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Dale Proctor, May 12, 2009.

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    An old friend from out of town paid me a visit this past weekend and brought his horn collection for me to see. He's primarily a baritone player, and has one (don't remember the brand), and also has an old King student trumpet, and a new aquisition, a Reynolds Contempora Tromhorn. It looks like an alto horn, but is pitched in Bb and sounds a lot like a trombone. His baritone mouthpiece fits it, too.

    He doesn't live close enough to a city with a concert band or anything, so he just plays in his church. He played a few pieces on the baritone and tromhorn for me, and they were very nice - good tone, technique, and phrasing. He then played the trumpet, on a Bach 1C, to make the transition from baritone to trumpet a little easier he said. His tone was pretty bright and ragged, and he had trouble on the same high notes he'd just played so nicely on the other horns.

    I dug out a couple of my trumpets and had him try them, but the results were about the same. I played His King trumpet, and it was an OK horn, too. I told him he needed a cornet [​IMG] , and let him try my "spare" Conn 5A Victor with a Getzen 4B mouthpiece. Man, what a difference! Beautiful tone and the high notes were much easier. He really liked it, and I told him to take it home a few months and play it. I explained to him that I had another one and was about to put this one on eBay anyway, so it needed a new home. If he likes it, it's his for nothing, but he doesn't know that yet (he'll have to buy a mouthpiece or use the Conn 4 that came with it, though - the 4B is on loan to me).

    An interesting side note - he was commenting on how easily the Victor played, and I told him it had a huge bore, about .484. To illustrate, we pulled a slide from his King trumpet and put the end inside a slide receiver on the Conn. I could rattle it back & forth, with clear space all the way around. For comparison, I then pulled a slide from the Tromhorn and slid one end of the Conn slide in the Reynolds receiver and guess what? It was a perfect fit! That cornet has a small trombone-sized bore, which may make him more comfortable with it.

    Just some ramblings from an enjoyable Saturday afternoon... [​IMG]
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    So what you're saying is that you "geeked out" for a few ours?! :)

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