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    What I've always done is sit with my belly up to the edge of the table, desk, whatever, and lay my forearms on the table. They keyboard is on the table as well, a foot from the edge.

    I did have to get a keyboard without a number pad because reaching for the mouse was hurting my shoulder. As you might guess I need to use the mouse and keyboard together a lot.

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    Jan 16, 2011
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    I wear a brace on my wrist sometimes while I sleep -- it helps,
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    Mar 14, 2012
    This post has my vote.
    Although I'd like to mention: unless you look at your all around posture to make sure your piston valves are operating just so, you will wear out the valve interior. That is fine if you are the only one playing it. However, if you otherwise take good care of your trumpet and you want to sell it someday, the value will be lower especially if the buyer's posture is slightly different- they will notice inefficiency caused by the worn valve interiors.
    In case it matters, I also very orchestrally play with my fingers cupped to depress the valves straight down. In addition, I don't turn my left wrist so the the trumpet is straight up and down. I keep my wrist in a natural position and in turn, my trumpet is angled in this shape: /
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    Jul 26, 2008
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    I tend to do this too, but also relax my shoulders to the point that sometimes I am hugging the horn against my chest as I play (usually, more with my 4-valve flugelhorn).
    Cool Jazz By Eddie Brookshire Quintet With Brenda Flowers - YouTube
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    Oh, my. For experienced musicians, I try to shut my mouth about posture issues.
    His wrists though... *facepalm* I just can't imagine that being comfortable.
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    A little more attention to the basics and he might get somewhere ;-)
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    The difficulty with this concept is that it puts the patient in charge of their treatment, the inmates in charge of the asylum. One needs an outside spectator to comment on body usage.

    The similar idea (but it tastes good.....) encourages positive comments about cigarette and other drug usage, and junk food intake.

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