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    Good Afternoon Everyone,
    Yesterday morning I had the distinct honor of spending 2 1/2 hrs with trumpet player Robert Nagel in the living room of my home in Freeland Pa. As some of you may know, Mr. Nagel was born in Freeland before moving to western Pa as a youth. A couple years back I attempted to locate where he was.... retired in South Carolina at the time... and corresponded with him a couple times. He graciously sent me some Brass Quartet music that my local brass quartet ended up using in church last Easter. Well, two days ago, I got a phone call from Mr. Nagel. He was planning to come to Freeland to visit some relatives still here and he asked if we could meet! He came at 11:00 and left at 1:40. My brother and I were blown away by his stories, knowledge and his friendliness. He is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. Mr. Nagel brought along a 125 year-old cornet that his grand-uncle played. In fact, this cornet appears in a photograph of his grandfather and his uncles (taken in the late 1800's). I got to give the cornet a toot. He is 85 years old but seems in remarkable shape.... I also had him re-sign my Arban book (which he first signed in March of 1974 when he was in our area as a guest soloist at a high-school band festival.) Lastly, I had my photo taken with him... attached... What a great day!
    Frankie B

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    Sound like all your FaNageling paid off! Truly an inspiring story on how to connect with such a gifted individual.
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    That is awesome.... I wish I could read more stories like this.

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