Rogers & Hammerstein’s If I Loved You Question

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Trumpet-Golfer, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Trumpet-Golfer

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    Dec 9, 2008
    Liverpool, England
    I got a copy of the sheet music for Rogers & Hammerstein’s ‘If I Loved You’ sometime ago. However because in went up to G just above the staff I forgot about it.
    Now that I can play a reasonable G just above the staff I’ve started to play it, as it is one of my favourite songs.
    The copy I have was written in Db and as with most pieces of sheet music I buy I write it into finale notepad, which helps me get a feel for the sound.
    I’ve played it a few times recently as written (Db) and as it didn’t sound quite right to my ear I started to play it as written but in a different key. I tried it in the key of G and then in the key of D which to my ear sounds the best.
    Is there some inherent music theory behind this that I’m not aware of, or is it that I don’t have a very good ear?
    I’ve been playing for just over 4 years and I turn 59 years old this May.
  2. edfitzvb

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    Jun 10, 2008
    Woodlawn, VA
    Was this sheet music for voice and piano? If you have perfect pitch, then it sounds funny because the trumpet is 2 semitones lower than the notation. If it is written in Db then play it in Eb and that will fix the discrepancies. Everything should be played a whole step above where it is written. if you already knew this, I am sorry. Just thought I would go with the obvious first. let me know if this fixes things for you.
  3. Mark Bradley

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    Jan 16, 2007
    Kansas City
    A little off the subject but worth bringing up, check out Rahsaan Roland Kirk's version of "If I Loved You" here. Absolutely killer. One of the greatest live recordings of all time (regardless of genre) and you'll never think of this song in the same way again:

    allmusic ((( Bright Moments > Overview )))
  4. Trumpet-Golfer

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    Dec 9, 2008
    Liverpool, England
    I recorded my practice session last Friday (12th feb) and took the opportunity to record my playing of ‘If I loved you’ in both keys. When I played them back the original key (Db) sounded best to my ear. So I’ve either not got a good ear, or (as I would like to think) my laziness got the better of me as I’m comfortable with the key of D and not so with Db.
    I don’t use any sophisticated recording equipment, just a cassette recorder, however what I hear coming out of the bell is more or less what I hear in playback.
    Ed I’m pretty sure I bought an electronic copy of the piece and changed the sheet music for Bb trumpet before I printed my copy (you only get 1 copy). Yes Ed I’m aware that music for piano & voice is in concert C and therefore should be transposed up one tone. However my trumpet mentor (who was a well respected 1’st chair cornetist in a well known Brass band, now retired) told me that I didn’t need to transpose concert C pieces whilst playing on my own. However If I was playing in an ensemble then it was compulsory.

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