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    You are perfectly right. Gerd Dowids learned his trade unter Hermann Ganter (amongst others; he had a long training period) and then opened his own shop in Munich Gerd Dowids - Meisterwerkstatt für Blasinstrumente. And Dotzauer are building what were top-notch trumpets fifty years ago...
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    My shortlist was complete. I have played several Dotzauer instruments. None ever were screaming "buy me". Amrein had one Bb that I should have bought - but only one. Lätzsch had two trumpets that were attractive. That trait was not present in any of the other instruments. I am going to commission a rotary C soon. The design is finished in my head.

    Price has NEVER been an issue or deciding factor. It has absolutely nothing to do with the playing qualities. I do have some expensive horns, but they were "must have"!

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