Rude behavior in Jazz, from a trumpet ''God''

Discussion in 'TM Lounge' started by Rick Chartrand, Jan 18, 2005.

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    Hi Everyone

    Welll well well Trumpetmaster is back on line...'sighs relief' :lol: To the subject at hand. Man what a story about Miles 'snotting on the stage' thats hoggish! Read the Quote from user Chet Baker below my post.

    Heres a little of my understanding of Miles behavior. Miles always said that he was only interested in the music and turned to the other musicians (from our point of view on the audience) so he could concentrate on the music.

    Im not defending this behavior but can understand wanting to concentrate on the music being performed. Miles always had white and black 'issues'' specially with his music, and as far as I can tell he (stupidly) viewed kind caring personable guys like Dizzy Gillespie as stupid because Miles Felt they were acting like what I thiink was called 'Uncle Toms.' Blacks who made clowns of themselves entertaining white people. If a white guy is personable to his audience he is considered nice, but Miles thought that if a black guy did it, he was an 'Uncle Tom.' How stupid and reverse rasist is that? :oops:

    I saw many of Dizzys performances and interviews and he was nothing but a nice guy.
    But because Miles was passed up as a very very young teen on trumpet playing opportunitties because as he said in his autobiography ''the awards went to the white kids, so I made up my mind to out-do anyone white on my horn.'' He developed an almost arrogant anti-white attitude, And thats where his attitude derived from.

    I LOVE Miles work and I play cause I saw him 15 years ago in Toronto and had never heard a sound like that, and probably never will again. But I think Miles was a jerk regarding how he treated his audience. ON the other hand you cant play with all the love and emotion he played with and not be a nice guy under the facade.

    I am with the guy who said audience deserves respect. I am in between gigs and am a self employed street busker and I make a nice little living at it. I have what we trumpeters refer to as 'the sound' and people many times compiliment me on my playing. My point is that I am just a street busker but I have a great connection with my audience and love to play to and for them. I would NEVER disrespect my audience like Miles did, and I think that was one of his great downfalls. Thoughts?

    Rick AKA Trumpet Man :D

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    I have a "gift" of being able to commune with anyone, be-it a "wine-o" in the street, or The Pope.
    I have a simple mantra: "Act like a gentleman and I will treat you like a gentleman;...act like an @xxhole and I will treat you like one."

    Robert Rowe

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