Salvaging a crap day

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by VetPsychWars, Aug 19, 2014.

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    Jun 18, 2006

    There are days when our bodies simply don't want to cooperate. That can have all sorts of reasons (sleep, diet, hydration yesterday, how hard that we played yesterday). If we can observe this carefully, maybe some common denominators will pop up. If I drink black tea before playing, my lips get "less flexible". That makes lipslurs and long tones harder to play fluidly. The mystery ingredient is tannic acid found in black tea. A real salty evening the night before also makes my lips feel like rubber. I had a bout with blood pressure a couple of years ago and the pills also changed the hydration of my body and thus my playing.

    Additional pressure if we had a real physical day the day before can also be an issue. I noticed this when my kids moved and I helped.

    The second half is to stay motivated and in fact I have books of stuff in the "lower" register for days like this: Kopprasch Etudes, Concone Vocalises for alto voice, the good old Lutheran Hymnbook and a couple of books of solo pieces for (junior) high school edited by Don Beeler. The solos at the back of the Arban and Clarke books are also very manageable.
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    While obviously missing his utimate editor.

    Anoter sinch? My tender grammatical sensibilities have been defiled.
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    Dec 22, 2008
    Spellen an awl two!!!
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    I vote sleep. I'm having sleep issues right now with the weather, time of year, my medical conditions.

    There's always tomorrow!

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    I think sometimes we have to take a step back and say okay it's just one of those days, I'll not push, there can be a huge number of interconnecting reaosns or just one thing. If I have a bad day I try not to worry, if I have two I get antsy, on the very rare occasions I have three I start to go through my own checklist, much like Dr Mark's Basics sheet.

    Hope that helps

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    "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

    Applies here I think as well....I vote for doing something fun, putting of tech stuff for another day.
    Also, taking a day off will often times do wonders.
    Sometimes we need to get our of our own head's way.
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    Tom, there once was a time when if I was having a bad day on the horn I'd push it and push it, but anymore if I'm having a bad day on the horn, I usually do one of two things:

    1.) I pack it up for the day
    2.) I pack it up for a while and come back to it several hours later

    For me, if it's not happening, I usually do more harm than good by trying to push through it.
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    Well me and the Wild Thing did OK tonight. So, hopefully the "off day" is it for the rest of the run.
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    Jan 21, 2013
    Good thread :D

    Maybe you don't care what a rank amateur does but :

    Those days happen for me too ,I used to get all fired up about it after trying to get things working ,usually with no success:thumbdown:.

    Then one time when it happened I put down the horn for a bit ,and began thinking ,what am I trying to do here ? it came to me too try to play a simple song that i had heard just recently ,so i tried to play it by ear ,took about 20 mins. to work out the notes and i played it over and over a few times ,then did some long tones and by this time things started to work much better so i went back to my other routine.

    It doesn't work every time but it might help ?

    Not trying to over think it here ,but some times it seems i need to distract my mind for a bit and start fresh .

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