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    Find a piano and play the Bb below middle C. That is the same pitch as your C below the staff.

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    The reason for the valves:
    At one time, trumpets were most likely in the form of animal horns. Later, they were made out of precious metals and would be a straight tube with a flaired bell.
    Unfortunately, the only notes that could be played were those in the harmonic series.
    Then someone got the idea to make a slide to change the tone so more notes could be played. this was OK except the instrument became unweildy.
    The trumpet then went through a couple of other transformations (one which included a trumpet that had keys like a sax or clarinet). Then someone came up with the idea of valves.
    Valves change the length to change the notes like sliding a trombone slide changes the note.
    From your description it sounds like you do not have the sound of the scale in your head. If you can't hear it in your head, you can't play it.
    As for why does open G and 1&3 play G also? The tubing is the same length.
    Brekelefew is spot on when he says get a teacher. Get with someone long enough to help you get started and some of the questions (which are good questions) will disipate.
    Good luck!
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    I never understood what that meant... Is that usually refered to someone who just posts random questions on websites but he himself is not around to care for the answers given...?

    Considering I already explained who I was and how I came on here and so on so forth in the new people section (introduce yourself) or whatever it is section... the fact I have baught myself a trumpet few days ago... trolling if it is the above thing I asked... would clearly indicate the answer to be NO.

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