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    Mar 3, 2009
    Hi I understand that playing scales is important for many reasons but is it essentially important for working on tone since.wea a cm hearmistakes easily
  2. anthony

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    Mar 3, 2009
    especially spelling mistakes lol
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    Scales are more about repetition of patterns until they become automatic - without thinking about them. The Key Signature should trigger an automatic scale response - First step is to recognise the Key, second is to play the Scales associated with it, then get to a point where you see the Key Signature, and just play it - you will hear the pattern and just play it - Repetition is the only way.

    It is a pattern recognition and response. The first scale should be the Chromatic double scale - Low C to Hi-C, then progress up a semi-tone.
    The Major (And appeggios), Minor, Whole Tone, Blues Scales and Modes, then recognise the Chords.

    Tone is about breath control, long tones and building the sound. Getting the sound into your head just takes time and work.
    Mistakes are called solos - some good, and some bad

    Good luck
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