Schilke Repair Shop is open for business!

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    Starting this month - January 2004, Schilke announced that it would resume the repair and restoration of Schilke instruments. Schilke offers a limited lifetime warranty and with the high expectations of quality their customers have, the ownership felt they should be responsible for any repairs. They also believe that they could do the best job modifying their own horns.

    To have your horn repaired, first contact the shop and remember to ask how much you horn should be insured for.

    The mailing addres is as follows:

    Schilke Music Products, Inc.
    4520 James Place
    Melrose Park, IL 60160-1007

    Schilke prefers that you ship the trumpet without a case. An instrument can move within a case and is prone to damage within a case because of the motion from side to side or front to back. If you send a case, it will be sent back in a separate box. To ship your trumpet, they suggest the following materials and procedures:

    (1) A DoubleWall box, approximately 24" x 12" x 8"
    (2) Approximately 20 ft of 12" wide 1" bubble-wrap (large bubble)
    (3) Packing tape

    Lay a sheet bubble wrap flat on a table or floor. Lay the horn on the bubble wrap. Tie the 1st and 3rd slides with pipe-cleaners or twister ties. Wrap the horn in bubble-wrap by turning end-over-end (long-ways) until it is encased by 6 layers of bubble-wrap all around. Tape the bubble-wrap on the horn in 3 places: up by the bell, around the valve section, and around the receiver end. This is to keep the horn from shifting in the bubblewrap. Place the wrapped horn in the box, and add additional layers of bubble-wrap, newspaper, or packing peanuts as necessary to eliminate any possibility of shifting within the box.

    Please include a copy of the shipping & contact information inside the box before taping the box closed securely. Schilke recommends that you ship your trumpet UPS. Please insure your horn for the US retail price.

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