Schilke Symphony Series Mouthpieces

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    Nov 21, 2003
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    Karl Hammond was present at TMEA this year and I got to check out the Symphony Series mouthpiece lineup.

    These Mouthpieces where developed for the Legit player and tend to be one the bigger end (smallest diameter is around a Schilke 14-15). Karl has come up with the most comfortable rims designs on the market. When I first saw them I ran my fingers over the rims and noticed how different they where compared to what I normally use and what I have used in the past. When I buzzed on them I knew I was going to end up getting one to replace my legit piece.

    They come in 3 different diameters with a choice of 3 different cup depths. The Symphony line is also shorter than a normal Schilke trumpet mouthpiece but longer than a Bach, which in turn provides a better universal fit. The most unique one out of the bunch is the F cup. Its nick name is “fluffyâ€. It utilizes a flugel style cup which is designed to give a deep warm sound, closer to that of a cornet, I really liked it.

    Here is a responce from Schilke explaining the varioius models:

    Is anyone playing on these :?:


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