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    Spring City, PA, USA
    Allentown HS, New Jersey, 1987-1991. We never placed above 8th in Div III CMBC (now USSBA), but we started a streak of something like five wins in Philly's St. Pats parade and two or three in NYC's. Well after I graduated, the Redbirds finally took first place in IIIA last year. We also had a pretty good jazz band, playing in competition at Berklee and probably some places I forgot. We went several times to the Lakewood Jazz Festival with several of our players making the "honor band", featuring guys like Lew Soloff, Clark Terry, and "Slide" Hampton. Trust me, though, I'm happy to see that those kids are now greatly exceeding what we did!

    Edit: Oh yeah, and our color guard and dance team (some were ex-cheeleaders) were HOT! ;-)
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    Historically considered best band in the state.

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