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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by degree210, Jun 23, 2010.

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    oh yeah -- I don't profess to be a Maynard Ferguson, or a Patrick Hessian or such. All I know is that with serious, directed, concsientious, careful practice -- I can play good sounding notes an octave higher than I ever could. BUT it took time and practice. I can play the Star Spanged Banner an octave higher softly and slowly--- but it is not ARTERO loud, it is not Maynard FAST, but it is something that I was NEVER, EVER able to do before ---- even when I was younger, so I say -- just don't give up ---be more as a trumpet player than you EVER THOUGHT YOU COULD BE -- not for others -- but for yourself, and the enjoyment of all who listen.
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    I do not believe that everybody can have an extreme high range, extreme endurance, extreme musicality or extreme technique regardless of which method, teacher, hardware or amount of practice time. The combination of talent, attitude, dedication persistence and opportunity sifts out those few that will "make it". The rest of us can have a great deal of fun, but screamer, I think not. If you don't have groove you don't get any more opportunities. I think you need the attitude FIRST. Too many just don't get it and that will be in the way.
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