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    Jan 6, 2009
    Hi everyone! First-time posting here, but I wanted to give all you high-note geeks a heads up on a few changes to and invite anyone here who has not visited to site to stop by for some great music.

    Those of you who've seen the site before know all I do is try to promote artists who share a facility for the trumpet's upper register, and I don't make a dime off it; I do it purely for the love of the music.

    For a while now I've wanted to give my website a new look, and the site I have in mind is considerably more dynamic while at the same time user-friendly.

    It's also a long way from becoming reality, but maybe by the end of 2009...

    In the interim, I've given the site a much-needed facelift. is 8 years old this month, which is a long time for a trumpet page on the Internet! All of the old content is still there, and byond the homepage little has yet changed.

    Anyway, stop on by, you'll see it's quite the old-school html page for now, but with a retro look any true Maynard geeks should recognize! Also, the interview I did with Ernie Garside, legendary manager and sideman for Maynard Ferguson, is posted on the Ernie page. (featuring Ernie Garside).

    I want to thank Gary Gillies for his cooperation, without which the interview and Club 43 theme would not be possible.

    If you have been holding out on buying either of the MF Lost Tapes albums, go to Sleepy Night Reocrds immediately and buy them! Ernie has a lot of great material still, but he's a businessman, and isn't giving it away for free. Only we can make a Volume III happen!

    Also, there are a few broken links - I know, and I'll get a Links page soon and do a little cleanup when I get more time.

    Teachers, tell your students -!

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