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    I have always found that if you expect kids to be excellent, they will be. If you think they can't be excellent, they won't be. Expectations are crucial. Aim for the stars. I am always hoping that my students will be better than me, and I let them know I expect it. One of my kids after a gig in November when someone expressed surprise that the ensemble was composed of students asked me, "Are students supposed to be bad?" I said no, those who express surprise have limited imaginations.

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    So, yesterday (Saturday), the boss came in to work with the kids for over an hour and a half on the Rite. They were so pumped and ready for him it was hard to get the smile off my face, I was so happy and proud of them.

    It gave me a rare opportunity to sit back and listen to them while Osmo put them through the paces. He kept asking for more and they kept up with him every step of the way. I had had an hour with them before he showed up to prep them a bit more, getting them ready for this tempo or that dynamic and they responded by giving him what he wanted. You could tell that they were proud every time he told them they had done well.

    At the end he told them how surprised he was at their ability level. He truly didn't expect them to have it as well under control as they did. That's a really good thing for a guy in his position to have a positive impression of young musicians at the high school level. When he goes back to Finland or elsewhere abroad, he's going to be able to say, when asked about the state of young musicians, that they're doing well. That here in America we also "get it".

    I'm very proud of those kids. They did themselves and the program honor with their behavior and attitude. Some of them were scared witless but Osmo isn't that kind of guy. He's a worker but always honest and warm. He's not a browbeater and just out for himself. He's a well-intentioned person. Besides, any heavy duty maestro type that will give up a Saturday morning to work with High Schoolers is okay in my book.

    Hope you guys in town can come check it out. It's on Feb. 11 at 6:30. Four groups are playing and it's a good chance to look at the organization overall. The show is at Orchestra Hall.

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    How Neat Manny!

    A real labor of love that's well worth all the effort.


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