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    As someone that taught himself for 6 years before a single lesson, and sometimes still does...
    If you can find a good teacher, trust me -- it's worth it. No book can truly tell you how things should feel, if you're tensing, if you're using air properly through a passage, etc.

    However, I find now that most of the studies books do a pretty good job of covering some of the basics. I suggest the following

    1) Arban's Conservatory Method
    2) Claude Gordon's Systematic Approach
    3) Earl Iron's 27 Groups of Exercises
    4) Clarke Technical Studies
    5) Vizzuti Technical Studies
    6) Brandt Etudes
    7) Concone Lyrical Studies

    and a few more, though those are what I take from. If considering jazz, you may want to consider some Aebersolds or other improvisation self-teaching book.

    I think you can find some information online, with very very very very much caution. I sift through very much nowadays before trying anything, because when I was young I would experiment and find that certain things were fallacies.

    In my opinion there are a few basic concepts to trumpet:

    1) Strong, Constantly Flowing air support
    2) Firmness in the lip/mouth corners, but not TIGHT
    3) Suppleness of the inner lip, relaxed but together

    Best of luck if you choose to go on this path -- I would've killed for a teacher at age 16..and now at Age twenty, finally having had one for a couple years, I know it to be invaluable.
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    Yeees but even in that situation you are learning with the benefit of others it is still not self study in the way the OP seems to mean it (I agree ensemble playing and feed back from shall we say team mates is valuable and perhaps as valuable as what you get from a tutor)
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    Harry's father was a trumpeter and bandmaster of the Haag Circus who forced Harry to play Arban's book page by page until he got it right ... you figure if he was taught well ... he was playing professionally at 15 and invited to join Benny Goodman's band when he was 20 and then went on his own in 1936.
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    I I have done both, but when I had a teacher it focused me to practise more, because you have someone to be accountable to. Also when you struggle with a line you have someone to show you the way. Just my two cents.
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    some people have music in them, naturally, they learn an instrument so much so as they can replecate the music that is inside them. They do not need lessons, or Wynton marsellis to teach them that.

    But, if you want to be a concert musician it's probably best to toe the concert line.

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