Sergei Nakariakov interview

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    I am sort of acquainted my Wynton's youngest brother, the drummer Jason, and when I go to New Orleans I usually try to look him up when he's not on the road. (He was in Japan when Katrina hit, and his set of vibes got wet, but most of his stuff was on the second floor so he got through better than many). I remember one time talking about Sergei with him, and he said Delfeayo called him up once late at night and said, man, you have to hear this Russian trumpet dude, he's better than Wynton! And maybe he is and maybe he's not, but he's awfully damn good. And he does everything on Bb!

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    Jun 18, 2006
    I saw Nakariakov yesterday in Frankfurt, Germany. He played the Arutunian with the St. Petersburg (Russia) Symphony.
    STELLAR PERFORMANCE! His posture leaves a lot to be desired however. No encore :-(
    The Concerto was sandwiched by Tchaikowsy overture to Romeo and Juliett and Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade. Some really fine brass playing(the rest of the orchestra was also fine!).
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    Twenty-three years old. It's stupefying.


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    He's 28 now...although there is no date listed in the article, it was apparently written in 2001. It mentions his "No Limit" CD (released in '01), and the following quote is the tipoff:

    Great interview!

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