serial numbers - why the xxxxs?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trptlvr, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Chuck Cox

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    Ed, I got the MF Holton on SGW a few weeks ago. I got it cleaned up and dings removed. It's on Ebay now.I have never sold a trumpet to anyone on here except 3 days ago I sold a 17B Coprion Director to Sem Etienne because he is a music major at Seton Hall Univ. and really wanted it. I sold it to him for $90 with 2 mouthpieces plus shipping $10. What can I say ? Let's give music majors a break. He could turn out to be the next conductor that I will TOTALLY ignore...hahaha.
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    The only Holton I've bought is a Collegiate cornet recently from Ivan which he modified with a trumpet mpc receiver. I've been playing it some and still haven't become familiar with its tone with any of my trumpet mpcs. Might play better now that Ivan provided 3rd valve slide ring.

    Too, I've a Conn Coprion Director as is a "keeper". Too, Ivan did the repairs / rehab to my Olds Ambassador as was unclaimed police recovery and is now my primary demonstrator when tutoring. Except for my Schilke P5-4 and Conn Artist euphonium, none of my own instruments are pro quality.
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    Just as a matter of interest Harrelson's don't do serial numbers - they include the date of manufacture, plus the bell, and leadpipe, options. Harrelson's have my address and the day they made my horn and a description of the options requested - too easy really - few would be identical. Mind you, for a production run this approach would be impractical. In the aircraft industry, an individual aircraft's paperwork is kept for the life of the aircraft - that is, until it is broken up and turned to saucepans - looking after your purchase and service records is very very good insurance.
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    XX the day if you were advertising it for sale now. Still, it would be little help to identify were it stolen now. However, yours IDs may be in a data base IF OZ has custom declarations. I know my Nikon F camera and a couple lenses for it were custom declared with serial numbers when I brought them home from Japan, but I'm not going to bet my life on such record being now retrievable, now 54 years later. Even should I find my Martin trumpet anywhere, I can't recover it without payment for it's value, as I've been compensated for it by the Court. If you insure anything and lose it, and accept payment for its loss, its not yours anymore.
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