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    Your bum is your pride?

    And an extra $100, she pinched you another 5 times?
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    My bum is my pride... but what got me the c-note was my joy! Pride and joy! Pride and joy! And Bob, it wasn't my ending that was happy! I think she got her money's worth.
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    To get back to the original point......;-) I think any female trumpet player has experienced some sexism along the way if she's played for more than 5 minutes. What matters is how you handle the situation, and hopefully the answer to that it with grace, and maybe an intelligent and humorous comeback! The best way to handle it every time, though, is by outplaying the idiots until they shut up. Now, as far as your family goes, from the sounds of things you are an adult who's capable of making your own decisions and financial obligations. You don't owe them an explanation, and if they truly care about you they won't need one. "Because it makes me happy" is they only thing you should ever need to tell them, and if that's not enough, too bad. Ignore it and move on!
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    I abhor sexism and have no tolerance for any kind of sexual harassment. I used to be married to a singer in a band I was leading and playing in, and it was amusing sitting next to her at the bar on breaks (we had different last names) listening to the banter from guys hoping to impress/score with her. And to be honest, I've worked with singers with whom I've wanted to score. (uh - but not at the same time.) As a musical director, I always kept my radar out for any kind of stepping over the line from the guys. And that included un-called for stereotypes regarding women playing brass instruments. You mix the sexes and you're going to have some kinds of sexual dynamics going on. Period. The thing is, what is its nature and how is it going to be handled?

    Regarding specifically the stereotypes as applied to instrument types, I've seen these changed over the years, primarily because of increased opportunities afforded to women, (by law and by social changes) and, quite importantly, by the women, themselves, who have risen to the occasions and proven themselves to be as good as anyone.

    I've had two bands that had as principal trumpet, women. They were refined players, just excellent. I can also remember some women players many years ago being urged by their teachers to transition from trumpet to French horn between HS and college/conservatory because of stereotypes, and partly, and unbelievably, due to certain anatomical differences. Stupid. OTOH, one of them wound up studying at the Royal Conservatory in London and making a lifetime career as an orchestral horn player, so at least it worked out well for her.

    There have been trail blazers and I'd like to point out Carole Dawn Reinhart for those who might not have heard of her. She is a superb role model. I won't summarise her career, you can give this a read:ITG News: Carole Dawn Reinhart update
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    Just play. Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether right or not. Some people just don't have enough intelligence to keep negative comments to themselves.

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    My most talented student is a woman and mother of two. She loves playing and has been at it for over
    25 years. She plays in the local college wind ensemble and sits on the lead slot. I was asked to play a concert with them last year and was impressed to walk into an entire trumpet section of women, and no slouches in the group. I have high respect for any woman who is drawn to the trumpet the way the rest of us are. They are a very physical instrument and I feel this is why you don’t see many women trumpet players, so to see this many on a wind ensemble made me smile. (talk about reverse sexism ), made me nervous……
    I’m sure you know the old sayings…

    Chics Dig trumpet players – get used to it
    Trumpet players always get the girls…..etc…

    I believe the same is true for women, just look at all the guy responses you have on here : ) Look at how any pic of a woman playing or holding a trumpet is repeated over and over on here. Women playing trumpet is not sexist, it’s sexy. If your heart is with the trumpet then the heck with anyone who would try to put you down because of it. Let your horn do the talking and leave them in your dust.
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    Good heavens - you would think some folks should be dragging a caveman's club around...

    Revel in all the blessings, talent, hard work and anything else that lets you make music - it definitely beats being a mental midget with nothing better to do than to spew forth sexist comments.
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    flugelgirl - my wife was always better then the other trumpet players all through school and her 2 high school band directors did not want a girl as section leader. one of her duties in high school was to teach the section leader how to play the solos [he couldn't get the rythms right]. I do believe the attitude is changing [and rightly so] and the young ladies coming up now won't have it as bad but young men and the male ego will always be around.
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