Shiped Two Mouth Pieces today for $2.19

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lovevixen555, Feb 9, 2009.

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    I try to buy trumpet junk locally if I can, to support the local economy. Even if the store's price is slightly higher (and there's sales tax, too), many times the total cost is about the same as mail order when shipping/handling is factored in. I recently went trumpet mouthpiece shopping at a local store, and they had what I was looking for - priced at $55. I could buy the same one from Dillon's for $34 + about $7 shipping/handling. I asked the manager if he would discount the mouthpiece (without bringing up Dillon), and he said "How does $38 out the door sound?" Cheaper than mail order! - I bought it. Many times, the local guys have "wiggle room" and will deal with you if you ask.
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    Several of the stores mentioned in this thread offer the best shipping rate of all: FREE. You just have to spend at least the minimum qualifying amount. That's no help at all if all you need is a bottle of valve oil, but if you keep a list of what you need/want for a while, it can be very easy to qualify for free shipping.
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    How does one explain how Ebay Merchants can ship me a trumpet in it's case wraped in bubble wrap and foam pellets etc.... for $12-$20 but Music 123 needs to charge the same amount to ship me a Stork Mouthpiece??? $63 is not a cheap mouthpiece at all. SUre their are pricer ones for sure. Put it anouther way the internet merchant I am thinking of buying my Cornet mouth piece from is selling a brand new mouthpiece in a box for $13-$19 and only chargeing $2-$3+ a $1 for insurance. They have to pack the item and they had to pay to get the item into their hands to begine with. they had to pay for postage etc......The difference is in how much profit margin they think is reasonable return on the item, THey are obviously going for sales volume instead of trying to pay for their salary with each item sold! If they are useing their house andhave an office that they right off for tax's then their mortgage is an expense of doing business just like a brick and motor place would have a lease to pay. If they use paypal part of their money is staying with paypal and some is being paid to Ebay as well so their are various forms of leakage geting into their profit model just like a real store. I talways comes back to how greedy you are. The more you want the more you charge if someone is happy with makeing less then they will do more business you will etc.....

    I would make the 50 mile drive to a store if the cost of the mouthpiece I wanted was less then I can find it online! Usualy I can not find what I want in stores because I do not like Bach and am not crazy about Schilkes main line up either. Not many stores carry Curry,Parduba,Jetone,Warbuton,Stork etc.......inmy area at least. I would fall ove rin a fit if I ever saw a new name brand mouthpiece for $13-$19 at Marshalls Music Store!!LOL People in Hati will be ice skateing before that happens! Most times the expensive mouthpieces like the Parduba DOuble Cups and ones like them usualy come with free shipping if they are buy now item's! Howmuch do you think it cost to make a mouthpiece once the design is finalized and you are mass produceing them on a CNC machine. Low volume custome made ones I can see the higher price but mass produced models come on you are paying for the name and what ever unique features that mouth piece has. Ihave no problem with low volume and custom made mouthpieces like Warburton,Picket Brass and others chargeing what I think is a fairly fair price but most of the mouthpiece market is made up of mass produced high volume pieces. If a Chneese made knock-off can be made on CNC machines shped to the USA on a container then sold to a retailer who sells it for $15 and makes a profit why are Bach mouthpieces which are not being shiped from China on a boat so expensive? I mean last I checked the Chineese have to import almost all the raw materials they use and all the machinery is improted and the people that teach them how to use the machinery are imported etc....Then they have to export the product by ship to various countries and try to sell a generic un branded item. If anything even given the increased salary of the Bach employee's which are Non-Union last I checked Bach proke the Union and moved long ago. You would think since the raw materials are already in this country, the machinery to do the work is in this country, their is no shortage of skilled labor in this country,the end market is in this country so shipping never ahs to go by boat and their are no customes fee's or import duties just truck opr rail freight to the wholesaler that a Bach made inthe USA piece would in theory be cheaper. So since the only thing higher is labor cost but all the other fee's are lower what are youpaying for??? Name someone or everyone in the supply chain is wanting a larger mark up because they are greedier and want more money. That is it in anut shell. Why do you think so many automotive companies have set up shop in the USA useing USA suppliers??? It is cheaper to build them in this market then it is to ship them from Japan and pay import duties on raw materials comeing in to make the product and the export duties when you try to get it into this country etc......Everyone makes a huge deal out of China's lower labor rate but the real story is how they do not tax the snot out of big business. It cost's a lot to set up shop in China because everything has to be brought in. You have to train everyone you hire! But their government is much more friendly with how it deals with big business. Tax's are killing the USA manufactureing base not lower wages. Wages are a small chunk of manufactureing cost. tax's and soaring health care cost's for legacy contracts signed long ago combined with greed to show quartly profits to keep board members happy!
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    in a nutshell....No one really needs to explain why there is a disparity between shipping costs....It's completely your choice to either accept them as equitable, or reject them as too high. Your choice and others will determine if that business succeeds or fails. You chose to buy the mouthpiece they succeeded thanks to your purchase. If you have a problem with them succeeding or that they are charging too much. The solution is very simple....

    Don't buy from them.

    You my friend have the ultimate vote.
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    We ship to the US from Canada all the time and charge $9 for air mail, which by the time we pay for the padded envelope does not quite cover our expenses. We have mouthpieces returned from the US by First Class (actually the least expensive option)mail (which cannot be insured) for as little as $2. We also have mouthpieces returned from the US by Express Post and other USPS options for about $20, so the cost of shipping by USPS varies greatly depending on the method used. I also buy trombone mouthpieces on eBay to use as blanks, and some vendors insist on using USPS services other than First Class in order to insure them. This may well be the case with some of the vendors listed in previous posts.

    There are also vendors who seem to be making some extra profit on the side by overcharging for shipping, but just for the record, we are not one of them.

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    I want free gasoline and a free CNC machine too!!!!:stars:
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    Well I kind of think many people that play instruments are asleep at the wheel so to speak!! I mean they came to expect high prices while they where still young students so they do not even give it a thought when these places reach into both pockets with a smile ontheir face and ask you to come again! Whenyou look at my math on the cost of synthetic and regular valve oil compared tot he cost of synthetic and regular motor oil the difference is alarming since no one in their right mind would pay $96 a quart for synthetic motor oil or $46 a quart for regular motor oil givent hat most car's take between 4-8 quarts of oil with 6 being the average on a lot of modern engine designs. When you do the dothe match it is alarming then add shipping onto it because i did not add shipping or tax into my number's. In fact I can get a quart of motor oil shipped to me for thesame price a .80-2once bottle of valve oil so add that into the what they ?????catagory!! I live in Michigan not some exotic local.

    I have had some good experinces with those industries that supplie part's and materials and supplies for those that work on instruments and with places that custome manufacture products to suit ones needs. It is the main retailers that I think are greedy beyound belief and have been sticking it too musicans for so long most think itis normal and perfectlya cceptable. Obviously anyone that makes a liveing off musicians is going to think it is just fine! Since they do not want their money machine turned off!

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