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    It's the same old story. People hear the "finished product" and don't ever look at all the hard work it took to get to that stage. A certain amount of natural talent can help, but only diligent practice will get you where you want to be, no matter what you're doing. And to acheive that, you have to truly have a passion for and love what you're doing. But that's modern culture for you and someone will always be there to try and make a buck selling the "next big thing".
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    For anyone who wants a good laugh within this topic: Irish TV channel RTÉ have started a programme called "Instrumental" where a set of ordinary people and a set of VIPs - all of them without any previous music experience whatsoever - are set to learn playing an instrument within three months...
    RTÉ Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster, look out for "instrumental" and host David Brophy (who, by the way, was Conductor-in-Chief of the RTÉ Concert Orchestra)... it's X-Factor gone wonky...
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    I use the RomCo instant trumpet successo mouthpiece extender. No other product comes close... But wait... if you order now, we will give you Instant Chops lip ointment. If it doesn't give you results on the first try, send back the gelled coating, and lip tissue removed when pulling it off, and we will give you a voucher for your first plastic surgery consultation.

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