Shostakovich 5 Finale

Discussion in 'Orchestra / Solo / Chamber Music' started by reversedlead, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. reversedlead

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    Jul 10, 2005
    Hey Manny, do you have any style tips on this piece?

    I am playing it with my Youth Symphony here in Seattle, and I am looking for any advice i can find.

    Additionally, I heard you used to play here in Seattle? Is it true? If it is it makes me mad I wasnt a serious trumpet player earlier... :-(

  2. Manny Laureano

    Manny Laureano Utimate User

    Sep 29, 2004

    It wouldn't have mattered as I left Seattle 25 years ago.

    It's one of my favorite pieces to play!

    First movement:

    Use your slide to tune the low notes, not your lip. On the second page, be sure to play the 16ths on the later side, each and every one not just some.

    Second movement:

    Again, very late 16ths. Don't rush the 16th note scale as you go up. Play the duet with the 2nd player boldly.

    3rd movement:

    Don't talk to your second player or go offstage. Stay and listen for at least one rehearsal!

    Fourth movement:

    Solid rhythm. Play the solo with your bell in the air and breathe when you need to. Make little crescendi on the triplets to the 8ths. Watch the conductor for the accelerando. Breathe. Prepare to play the end slowly if your conductor takes the traditional, slower tempo. Own a high concert "C".

    Have fun!


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