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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by xjb0906, Dec 2, 2011.

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    May 2, 2009
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    About a year ago I decided to upload videos of my National Anthem performances to youtube with the idea of getting some feedback on my performances . I have only uploaded a few videos due to not being personally satisfied with all of my performances. There have been a few really good performances that didn't make it due to bad recordings. Today I opened and AdSense account for my videos and would like you opinion on the direction I should take my youtube page. I have played with the idea of documenting my progress as a student of the instrument while posting any and all performances that are recorded of me.This would not only be National Anthem recordings ,but will include any solo performances recorded with ensembles. It would be a way to let folks see how a person develops as a musician in the real world. Most folks have no idea what it takes to become proficient at playing music.I think it would be valuable to show what it is like to work through problems in a piece of music as an individual and then show the finished product at performance time. Part of me says this will be more interesting to viewers and could lead to more views. More views = $. More $ = A greater chance of me getting to study with a good teacher. The other part says that I may diminish my reputation as a performer by posting less than satisfactory performances.I have used my youtube videos to get me in the door with various organizations that could me as a National Anthem performer. That is why I have only posted the performances I am most satisfied with.

    Any feedback is appreciated. I am pretty good at filtering out what is most important and helpful in order to apply it to given situations. Thanks!
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    wow - that is really a tough question XJB. ON one hand I think you would be doing the younger students of the horn (and some confused adults) a huge favor in demonstrating that a half hour a day probably won't make them a pro. On the other hand, you could be correct - in that picky people who view you as a potential performer, might be skiddish that you will have a bad day, or be misunderstood that some "less than perfect" performances might happen at their venue. I think it depends on your goals of the site. Perhaps you could put a disclaimer, that these are NOT random videos, but a sequential performance of progress and should only be used for educational purposes. Then you could have a section on the site of songs that you feel competent that you could perform at any venue. That kind of "kills 2 birds with one stone", so to speak -- you demonstrate progress, and yet be conclusive of what you could or would perform. Who knows you might get a whole new venue to play in -- schools and colleges.
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    I don't watch the videos. There is nothing there for me. I am not interested on how a student "thinks" that they develop. I don't have a relationship with the player, and even if I see something wrong, do not know the context of why.

    This means that there is no disadvantage in publishing a lot or nothing. I do not think that such YouTube posts are representative either. You filter them before uploding.

    What a YouTube video often shows is if a player is willing to prepare reasonably before uploading. My experience is that there is a lot of garbage on the web.

    My vote is to keep the amount of stuff that I have to dig through before reaching quality low. Less is more!

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