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    and it's not just the notes. i am talking about phrasing, cut-offs, dynamic, how long is short(?), vibrato and the overall attitude of the section. does the section bite or is it as limp as a wet sock? all of those things come in to play.

    oh, and my pet peeve. a good big band drummer that knows how to kick a band. it's all in the set-up of the figures. it can make or break my concentration and affects my reading in a big way. a drummer just steam rolling over the figures and building a house with his left hand playing the exact notes that i am playing does me no good. i need him to set up those hits and notes not beat them like a dirty rug.
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    I agree with all this, but if hymnbooks have one weakness, it is a lack of complex rhythms and odd meters. At some point you need to find material that covers these areas also.

    Very good starting point however.

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