sliding slide, red rot, and making a leather grip

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by christineka, Jan 3, 2014.

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    .... I remember my Senior year @ district marching band competition, I had a solo at the end of the last song. So you can imagine what my heart started doing when I snapped my horn forward following the next to last number and watched my mouthpiece fly into the percussion section. I faked most of the last number wondering who was going to play my solo. That's when I saw the trumpet player next to me extending his hand towards me with his mouthpiece in it. It wasn't my jet tone, but it worked.......... LOL
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    Sometimes the best trumpet players are the ones who sacrifice themselves for the sake of the band [in your case, you did an impressive snap and your mouthpiece took the fall], and the best trumpeters also don't let others to die, but instead lend a helping hand [the guy next to you]...

    I used tape on my mouthpiece in marching band, since we did a lot of horn flips, "swing" marching, and other crazy maneuvers that would cause parts to go flying on a regular basis... :thumbdown: and the tape, while it prevented flight, did not stick to the mouthpiece nor horn very well...a lot of trumpets [except for those with my same problem] couldn't begin to fathom how my mouthpiece would alternately fall out or get stuck, and they would say "well, just twist in in place"...then I'd demo how the mouthpiece would loosen itself up..."well, that sucks" ROFL
    But tape solved the problem without any mods to my mouthpiece or mouthpiece receiver...

    But a neat story that sounds like it ended fairly well.

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