slipping mouthpiece? help please.

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Nothing Works like repetition of the correct technique! In judo my injuctor told us that we had not earned the right to call a move by it's name until we had done it 100,000 time and you could not claim to know the move until you had done it a 1,000,000 times. You cann ot conciously think your way through a performance be it judo or trumpet. You have to know yourself, your instrument and all of it's "movments" so completly that it is just as natural and thoughtless of an act as speaking is or walking!!! No one that is not severly injured or suffering a nurological injury has to think their way through the average conversation or think about where each foot lands while walking it just happens. That is how you have to be with your trumpet. You only get one shot at each note and their are no do over's or time out's in music. In fact until you can buzz consistently you have no business playing the trumpet. You need to fix this problem now not latter it is not going to go away or solve itself.

    Most of us will never be professional musicians but to chose to keep cheating yourself out of maybe going to college for free or getting some side work because you do not feel like trying is silly. We are talking about learning to keep your mouth piece up a few mm higher not loseing 100lbs. of fat of something insanely hard. You do not even need to have your trumpet with you for this. Put your mouth piece where it needs to be and buzz and then buzz some more at least an hour a day. Surely you have the physical strength to hold a mouthpiece in the proper postion for a while it is not like they weight much. After 2 months of buzzing with it in the correct spot it will feel completly natural. It is just like getting used to whearing a holster or a bullet resitant vest or a jock strap or anything else. DO it right over and over again until it becomes natural. When you screw up catch it right away and correct it. Be mindful of what you are doing when you are playing you need to listen to your body if you are distracted by some other factor like poor music reading ability or day dreaming fix it.

    How bad do you want this????? I ask because you sound like you have already given up which kind of makes me made my oldest boy gives up before he has even properly tried as well so this is a sore spot with me. Twice I was told that I would never walk right again and that my athletic carreer was over. Twice I proved them wrong. Iwent from being crippled at age 6 and again at age 16 to competeing at the National and International level and setting some records. So while I mightnot be the best musician on this board by a long shot someone whineing about not being able to keep his mouthpiece up is a bit irratateing! DO you want this are you willing to keep at it no matter what! If you screw up 100 times a day will you get back up and do it 100 times more???? If not stop now sell your trumpet and find something that is comes easy to you.

    Are you angry did I make you mad??? I hope so???Now go get your trumpet and make the decision that it will not beat you! Decide right now that that lump of gray matter between your ear's is the master of your flesh and not the other way around. That piece of brass is their to serve your bidding. DO not let your flesh convince your mind that something cannot be done! Flesh is weak and will always try to convince your brain to take the path of least resistance! You have to have a reason to do diffacult things or you will not do them. This is why most Americans do not speak multiply languages,do not have six pack ab's, and do not play musical instruments!!!! Because none of these things are easy for most of us and if it is not easy and not needed for life then few will persue it. So keep that in mind it is not going to be easy but it is not impossable if you have the will to win this battle with your flesh you will win it. You can do this! Good Luck and God Bless!
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    Morris - it's the black bits - or so I've been told. I play by ear and I know my ears can't read, that might take 40 years too.
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    Lovevixen that was a mouthful! Definitely wise words in there. Often times we hope to get to the end of the road remarkable quickly and get soo frustrated with the set backs that we just give up or be contented with working with crutches to our playing.

    Hopefully we all find inspiration from your personal struggles and your focus on overcomming them. May we all be so strong willed.
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    May 4, 2007
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    Are you playing in the red on your top lip? why does your teacher want you to move the mpc up or put more top lip in the mpc?

    what ever the reason there is more to it than slimply moving the mpc up. I've helped many students do this because they were playing in the red. When you move a mpc up or down your lip will be weak from the new position. your teacher should be giving you specific exercises to strengten these musicles and retrain them. otherwise they will just slide back to their old position.
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    Aug 9, 2007
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    I went through the same problem in High school after getting in mouth with a broom stick[wrong place wrong time] and developed a scar on my top lip which would swell after a short time of playing , my teacher suggested moving the mouthpiece up to get the scar inside the cup and not under the rim, what I did was experiment with larger size diameters until I found one that would stay where I put it, because my old mouthpiece would always go to it`s old setting.

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