Slow trumpet solos?

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    All I can say are the judges in all the contests I played over a 4 year period loved the movements withing Kennan's Sonata and gave me the highest ratings in the Ohio Music Education Associations and I was the only one that played Kennan. It was chosen for me by my trumpet teacher, Eugene Blee, who has the distinction of being the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra's longest sitting Principal Trumpet. So the evidence here on this side of the Atlantic says the judges and dedicated musicians love Kennan. I guess one mans awful are a lot of other men's love.
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    Love this kind of reasoning. The judgement of musical content by the authority argument. I know very well that it's not done to say that a certain piece of music is crap. You don't say that. You say: "nice" or more deadly: "interesting". Or the way Mozart did in the movie Amadeus: "typical Salieri". If you are backed up by the longest sitting principal trumpetplayer of the Cincinetti Symphony Orchestra I have no chance. So I will change my opinion. I take back the "awful" and replace it by "interesting". Everybody happy. Sorry for the confusing. In a contest or audition, the judges are interested in what a candidate can do with the chosen material. And I presume they judge the playing of the candidate, not the achievements of the composer. So may be they rewarded you for making the best out of an impossible though "interesting" piece of music. I have to add that it is possible that I misjudge Kennan's sonate and some day I have to crawl back on my knees. I'll take the risk. For me it is music that is made to sound interesting. I call that "the new clothes of the emperor music". Somebody mentioned the influence of Hindemith on Kennan. I listened to the Hindemith piece mentioned above. Great music. A complete different source than Kennan. If the third movement is the slow last movement I heard on youtube then it is brilliant. A few notes that nobody can improve.
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