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Discussion in 'Horns' started by mark935, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. mark935

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    Jan 31, 2004

    Can you check the book and see if a "Joe Rodriquez" bought a Calicchio the same day I did? In 1977.

    I was playing in a show band for an Elvis impersonator based at the Sheraton in Dallas,TX. Barney Oldfields, down the street from Love Field.

    On a two week break I returned home to CA and drove from Bakersfield down to Calicchios and bought a horn.

    Three players walked in and one of them was trying horns. I met the guys, they where from Woody Herman's band and the new guy was just out of UNT. He was the new lead player -- Joe "Rodriquez."

    They told me to come see them in Fort Worth at Six Flags and I did.

    That's all I remember and I always was curious if that guy bought a Calicchio or one of the other guys.

    Fast Forward 27 yrs later-- Yesterday. I'm out at Bob Reeves taking an improv lesson from Howie Shear. And I had my Calicchio.

    I mentioned the above story and mentioned the name Joe Rodriguez. "I took Joe's place as lead trumpet for Woody's band." "Joe took Alan's (Vizzutti) place as lead in Woody's band." "Joe's up in Reno and I've used him as a sub." explained Howie.

    Anyway small world.

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  2. Larry Gianni

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    Nov 11, 2003
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    Hi Mark,

    Joe Rodriquez was at NTS in 77-78 , lead trumpet in the 1 O'Clock band and was with Woody's band in '79 . He's got the lead chair on the album " Woody and Friends from the Monterey Jazz Festival " .Woody had a small band then - 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, and I also have Joe playing on a Dallas Jazz Orchestra CD, plus other less known groups.

    As far as lead trumpet chronology in that era of Woody's band, I recall Jay Sollenberger playing lead trumpet after Al V. left the band, then Joe Rodriquez , then Howie. Joe's playing on the live at Monterey album is great.

    Also, Walt Blanton of UNLV fame was playing lead trumpet on Woody's band ( with Gil Rathel ) in the very late 60's / early 70's , before Al Porcino , Tommy Porello , Charlie Davis and Dave Stahl took charge up til the mid / late 70's

    Maybe someone out there can find or compile a Woody Herman Lead trumpet chronology starting with Bill Chase in the late 50's.

    I'll check the '77 records for you and get back to you and Joe trumpet purchase.

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    Oct 24, 2003
    Scottsdale, AZ.
    I think Howie was 80-81 somewhere.

    Howie has it all, legit, lead, jazz, writting, teaching..... just tells bad jokes!
  4. MPM

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    Nov 10, 2003
    I saw Woodys band Feb 1979 ... Joe was playing lead trumpet, and yes he was playing raw brass Calicchio ( I went back stage and asked ) Joe had "the" lead trumpet sound! ... He's now in San Fransisco, CA ... we have a few friends in common & I believe I can speek for all that he's a fine alround trumpet player and a very nice guy!
  5. Larry Gianni

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    Nov 11, 2003
    Los Angeles

    1977 puts you in some very fine company in the pages of the Calicchio registration book. But as I look thru other years, this one year does not seem very different from the caliber of player that appear before and after this " 1977 time capsule " snapshot. Here's some of the players that bought a Calicchio made in 1977.

    Jerry Hey - 1s/2
    Walt Johnson - 1s/9
    Gary Grant - 1s/2
    Clark Terry - 1s/9
    Steve Madiao - 1s/2
    Chuck Schmidt ( buddy rich lead at the time ) 1s/2
    John Thomas 1s/7
    Don Thomas 1s/7s , 1s/2
    Johnny Zell ( Lawrence Welk fame ) 1s/7
    Nolan Smith 1s/7
    Jerry Callet 3/9 LB
    Joe Rodriquez 1s/2
    Carlton Macbeth 1s/7
    Oscar Braschear - 3/2
    Sakatao Watanabe - 1s/7s
    Bob Clark ( Anka Lead player 3 years ) 1s/7
    Mike Barone 1s/7
    Dean Pratt 1s/7
    Jack Laughbach ( Carol Burnett show / Ray Anthony lead trpt ) 1s/9
    Ron Tooley ( thad and mel ) 1s/7
    Karl Seiver 1s/2
    John Madrid ( Buddy Rich, Wayne Newton ) 1s/2 later changed to #7
    Mike Price ( Buddy Rich / Toshiko ) 1s/2s
    Jimmy Maxwell 2/2
    Lee Thornberg 3/7
    Rich Cooper ( Buddy Rich, Bette Midler ) 1s/2
    Mark Underwood ( Bette Midler ) 1s/7
    Waymon Reed ( Basie ) 1s/9
    Russ Konikoff ( Buddy, Woody ) 1s/2
    Sonny Cohn ( Basie ) 2/2
    Don Smith ( Les Brown lead trpt ) 2/2

    and of course TM's own
    Mark Manda
    who was living in the thriving metropolis of Bakersfield California at the time.

    Also, if these records were better kept, their may have been more well known players from different parts of the country noted in the register.

    Back then, when a dealer ( private dealers, not stores ) would get a batch of trumpets,( 4 or 5 ) the trumpet player that the trumpet was sold to was not recorded, just the dealers name , so really only players buying out of Dominic's Hollywood shop would find their names in the official registry.
    That's why John Duda wants to re-register the trumpets to the current owners. Who knows what names would have been recorded out of Texas, Chicago, New York, England, Germany and Australia if more care would have been taken to get the final destination for these instruments. Also, for alto of these players, this is not the only time there names grace the pages of Dominic's book. Multiple Calicchio's have been purchased by most of these players in different years.

    Here's an example

    Jerry Hey's name appears 4 times, Gary Grant has 4 entry's, Charley Davis has 3 , and Walt Johnson has 3. , just to name a few.

    Note: Looks like Dominic put out about 125 trumpets that year and you know what comes to me after looking at this years sales ( 1977 ) and the years before and after comes to mind. Can you name any other trumpet manufacturer that has the kind of clientèle of professional players that Calicchio trumpets has had. You might say Bach with it's 37 and 72 model has a fine rooster of pro players and you would be right, but think of the percentage of trumpets made by Bach to trumpet used by pro's and I think Calicchio has the most impressive clientèle from 1960 on. ( 1960 was just a arbitrary year to start with ) There are players in this book ( including more from 1977 ) that you may recognize. but without sounding too pompous but more with a sense of pride about Calicchio's - does any other company boost this type of player/clientele in it's ranks. ( Besides Bach, lets say )

    Not bad for an Italian immigrant , raised in an orphanage , that never finished High School.

  6. mark935

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    Jan 31, 2004

    I met another Calicchio player today but I didn't get around to asking what exact year and model.

    I was having my Calicchio worked on at Cambrass and a guy was trying Stomvi Flugel horns.

    Jon Pappenbrook. He said he was going on the road with Brecker and Diane Shore. ?

    If I got my story right.


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