Smoking downsides to trumpet

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Young guy, Jan 6, 2013.

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    Dec 25, 2010
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    Well, on the off chance you feel charitable. Just get one of those tobacco enema kits..... Then you can literally blow smoke up his a**........
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    I'll add another story from my own experience: A friend of mine - mediocre trumpet player - was a chain smoker and a heavy drinker, too (eight to ten beers per day). At age 35, he felt seedy and went for a medical checkup. He was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas and told the operation would still be possible, but his chances of survival... negligible. He decided that he would go for the operation anyway. The specialist told him in that case to stay here, perhaps go for half an hour's walk down THAT lane (where all the funeral directors near the hospital have their offices...)
    Fortunately for the guy, the operation was successful and he survived (without pancreas, spleen, parts of the small intestine). He now has to take about nine different types of medication per day and is dependent on insulin injections.
    he quit smoking and drinking, and his trumpet playing improved beyond previous expectations. He became a pro at age 37 and now leads his own orchestra - successfully. Only yesterday I attended one of his concerts in a local hotspot - sold out, with a crowd of over 600 cheering him on.

    You can have that kind of thing without the operation, without the medication and without all the anxiety (he's a married man with three kids, all of whom witnessed his fight for life) IF YOU DON'T SMOKE!
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    Mar 22, 2013
    Heroin addiction/withdrawl is a serious medical condition that can kill you and is much more tolerable and safer with medical assistance. It does not correlate to tobacco addiction. Tobacco withdrawl makes you cranky but won't kill you. I used nicotine patch to quit so I knew if I was craving it, it was mental since I had tobacco levels in bloodstream and that made it easier for me to deal with. I also put $2 dollars in a jar each day I quit (thats how much smokes cost then) and used money to feed N+1 habit. If you can't quit smoking, a vaporizer might be a better way for you to go.
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    Heroin addiction can kill due to diseases that caused from sharing needles or using unsterilized needles resulting the terrible diffuse systemic infections. Heroin withdrawal while painful is not a "serious medical condition". Alcohol withdrawal is by the way, the deadliest of all withdrawal syndromes that has as high as a 30% mortality rate when not handled in a medical facility.
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    Well, we don't know if the OP quit smoking, but he certainly did quit posting!
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    A special air gun is used, you can't throw them.
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    You are correct as usual. People rarely die. People can die of opiate withdrawl with preexisting medical conditions, high-dose methadone therapy, polydrug abuse with benzos,alcohol,etc. You can go cold turkey and I will take the Suboxone route ;-)
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    When I was in the Navy, I smoked, dipped, and drank. It was fun while it lasted. At some point, however (while you're still young) you gotta give that stuff up.
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    What the heck: I've shared this with dozens of folks over the years; I don't believe it's ever made a difference to a smoker, but here goes:

    At age 18, I went to prime ("pick") tobacco in southern Ontario as a summer job from university. Tobacco ripens from the ground up, 2 leaves at a time; there's a tobacco plant every 18" in straight rows that extend beyond the horizon. We started at daybreak, sitting on the small bench of a machine that was self-propelled through the rows, with a large open wooden box suspended over your lap. You snap off the two ripened leaves with your right hand, transfer them to your left and place them in the box, butt ends lined up. The box pushes aside the green leaves as you go, and these leaves gently brush your face, shoulders and bare arms. By 11am it's about 110F on the sand down in Tillsonburg, so you work in shorts and a T-shirt.

    Here's the kicker: after a day of this gentle brushing of leaves against your skin you can take a butter knife and scrape about 1/8" of raw black tar right off your skin - just like the tar on paved roads. That's before you smoke the stuff into your lungs.

    After about a week of this you need to get a shot for nicotine poisoning where the tar has touched. It looks just like a really baaaad case of poision ivy - and that's before you smoke the stuff.

    My second day there I started fine: healthy, strong, well-rested, slept well (I was used to farm work). We were told to walk the rows and "top the plants" ie. break off the tassel so more of the plant energy would go into the leaves where the money crop was...and I puked my guts out 6 times in 2 hours, thinking "What the...???!!!!" Finally guessed that it was due to all the chemical toxins they sprayed on that crop against bugs, fungus, mold, whatever. Couldn't think of any other good reason. Umm...did I mention this is all before you smoke the stuff into your mouth and lungs?

    Now, everyone who's ever picked tobacco knows this, but I'll bet you've never heard a word of it in spite of all the advertising that's been done about smoking, either for or against.

    Smoke tobacco? Not me.

    Just thought I'd share this personal experience. I worked there two days...enough to earn a bus ticket home.
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    Smoking downsides to EVERYTHING

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