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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Catfish, May 4, 2008.

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    Red rot is corrosion that eats from the inside of tubing to the outside, showing up as reddish spots. Mosty on older horns' leadpipes and where moisture collects in tubing bends. There have been a number of threads on the subject here and on Trumpetherald, but I can't find them now. I'm sure others will chip in with better info. You don't want this condition in your horns!
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    Red Rot, sometimes caused by inattentive manufacturing processes where the manufacturer's staff have left the horn in the chemical pickling wash to long and the alloys begin to "bleach" out of the brass - it is I suppose, effectively brass corrosion - maybe Old Lou has an educated point of view on this? Why don't you start a new thread and ask this question seperately?
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    Ok now I know what Red Rot is… Thanks … I am pleased to say I don’t have any of it on my trumpet.

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    Red rot is caused by the leaching away from the brass the zinc which is what makes brass stronger than pure copper, which is the other common element in the making of brass. This is caused chemically by over exposure to acids in the saliva and food stuffs blown down the length of the leaderpipe. Frequent cleaning of that pipe is the primary deterant. In years past, most trumpets and cornets were equipped by the maker with a slotted end cleaning rod for the purpose of swabing out that grunge in the pipe. Some makers have gone to various other alloys in the making of the pipe which are somewhat less prone to red rot. In my case, I use a pistol cleaning rod with a nylon bristle barrel cleaning brush to break up the grunge and follow that with a swab doing the above every month. Of course, I use a mild detergent and water to put the grunge into suspension.

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