So what does it take to be a world class trumpeter

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by garmeth, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I don't know. I am guessing that a person needs to constantly work to improve in a systematic fashion while spending real world time with world class musicians. It would also help to have world class instruction that prepares you for bigger and better playing opportunities. Be willing to play whatever comes your way and recover from the failures in a way that keeps the same failures from happening more than once. You are either moving forward or doing nothing in my opinion.

    I sorely need more time with world class players/teachers to be great examples that can help set a plan of action to achieve my goals more quickly. It is harder to stumble or get of course with a good person guiding the way.
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    So what does it take to be a world class trumpeter?

    1) Playing TO the world


    2) Having Class

    OH yes... And having a trumpet to play... any trumpet... the player makes the trumpet... when you achieve this YOU WILL BE A WORLD CLASS TRUMPETER
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    I get the OP's point though. For those of us (the majority) who need literally years and years and years of constant practice to get to the profesisonal level it's almost a slap in the face to have some young kid play for such a limited time and yet be so great. It's the ol' Mozart/Salieri thing. Of course it's not the kids fault, but it seems there's always a not so nice parent behind it all.
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    It's simple, just do the math. You say he started when he was 12 and now he's 14, so 2 years = 730 days. 10,000 hours divided by 730 days = @13.7 hrs/day. So for 2 years all he did was eat, sleep, and play!

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