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  1. ltg_trumpet

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    Jan 21, 2009
    this is the required list formy solo competition and i was wondering which one you guys think are the best? i want to start getting ready, but i dont know which solos would be the most fun... thanks guys

    (B-flat, C, or E-flat trumpet as deemed appropriate)
    001 Addison-Concerto (1st or 3rd Mvt.) STB
    002* Alary-Morceau de Concours RUB, CBC
    003 Alexius-Sonatina WIM
    004 Arban-14 Characteristic Studies
    (unaccomp.) (any one) CFM
    005* Arban-Carnival of Venice CFM
    006* Armenian-Four Improvisations
    (unaccomp.) (play 1 & 2) PHC
    007* Arnold, M.-Concerto FAB
    008 Arutiunian-Aria et Scherzo LED
    009 Arutiunian-Concerto INT, SIK
    010 Arutiunian-Concert Scherzo EDB
    011* Bach-Hungarian Melodies PPM
    012 Balay-Andante et Allegretto SMC
    013 Balay-Prelude et Ballade BMP
    014 Barat-Andante et Scherzo LED
    015 Barat-Fantaisie en Mi Bol LED
    016 Bellstedt-La Mandolinata SMC
    017 Bellstedt-Napoli CCP, SMC
    018 Beversdorf-Sonata (1st or 3rd mvt.) SMC
    019 Bitsch-Fantasietta LED
    020 Bitsch-Quatre Variations LED
    021 Bloch, E.-Proclamation BRE
    022* Bohme-Concerto in F (1st mvt.) AMP
    023 Bohrnstedt-Concerto
    st or 3rd mvt.) MPH, WBR
    024 Bozza-Badinage LED
    025 Bozza-Caprice LED
    026 Bozza-Concertino (1st or 3rd mvt.) MBC
    027 Bozza-Rustiques LED
    028* Buesser-Andante et Scherzo CBC
    029 Chance-Credo BHI
    030* Charlier-Solo de Concours #1 or #2 BEL
    031 Charlier-36 Etudes Transcendantes
    (any 1) (unaccomp.) LED
    032 Clarke-Bride of the Waves WBR
    033 Clarke-Carnival of Venice WBR
    034 Clarke-From the Shores of the Mighty
    Pacific WBR
    035* Clarke-Sounds from the Hudson
    (entire cadenza) WBR
    036 Clarke-Southern Cross WBR
    037 Clarke-Stars in a Velvety Sky CFM
    038 Clarke-The Debutante WIT
    039 Clergue-Sarabande et Rigaudon HLM
    040 Cools-Solo de Concours LED
    041 Corelli/Fitzgerald-Sonate VIII
    (include 3 mvts.) BEL, COL
    042 DeBoeck-Allegro CFM
    043 Dello Joio-Sonata (1st & 2nd mvts. or
    2nd & 3rd mvts.) AMP
    044 Desencios-Incantation, Threne et Danse
    (any mvt.) LED
    045 Dubois-Concertino (Trumpet in C)
    (1st or 3rd mvt only) MBC
    046 Enesco-Legend INT
    047 Ewazen-Concerto (1
    st or 2nd mvt.) SMC
    048 Ewazen-Sonata (1
    st or 3rd mvt.) SMC
    049 Fitzgerald-Rondo Capriccio CFM
    050* Fitzgerald-Scherzo and Finale
    from Concerto in a flat minor CFM
    051* Frackenpohl-Sonatine (1st or 3rd mvt.) GSI
    052* Frackenpohl-Trumpetude, based on
    Etude II of Arban SHP
    053* Francaix-Sonatine (any mvt.)
    (Trumpet in C) AMP
    054 Gabaye-Boutade LED
    055* Gabaye-Feu d'Artifice POP
    056 Gabaye-Sonatine (1st mvt. only) MBC
    057 Gabrielli/Joosen-Sonatine
    (omit 2nd mvt.) HEM
    058 Giannini-Concerto (1st or 3rd mvt.) WBR
    059* Goedicke-Concert Etude
    (M.M. quarter note=132) INT, MCA, TBP
    060* Goedicke-Concerto, Op. 41 INT
    061* Goeyens-Introduction and Scherzo CFM
    062 Gotkovsky-Concertino (1st or 3rd mvt.) ESA
    063 Gregson-Concerto (any mvt.) NOV
    064 Handel/Fitzgerald-Aria con Variazioni COL
    065 Handel/Musser-Sonata for Trumpet and
    Piano INT
    066 Handel/Powell-Sonata No. 3
    (1st & 2nd mvts.) INT, SMP
    067* Hartley-Concertino (any 2 mvts.) PHC
    068 Hartley-Sonatina (1st or 3rd mvt.) RMP
    069 Haydn-Concerto in Eb (1st or 3rd mvt.) CFM,
    070 Hering-Concertino CFM
    071 Hindemith-Sonata for Trumpet and
    Piano (1st or 3rd mvt.) BMP
    072 Honegger-Intrada ESA
    073 Hubeau-Sonata (any mvt.) DUR
    074* Hubschmann-Sonatina (all) HEM
    075 Hue/Mager-Solo de Concert AJA, SMC
    076 Hummel, J.-Concerto
    (1st or 3rd mvt.) BHI, KNG, HEM, GAV
    077* Jongen-Concertino MBC
    078 Kaminski-Concertino (1st mvt.) LMC, MCA
    079 Kennan-Sonata (1st or 3rd mvt.) WBR, REM
    080 Ketting-Intrada (Unaccomp.) DON
    081* Kreisler-Sonatina (all) SMC
    082 Latham-Suite for Trumpet (Include
    2 mvts.) TPC
    083* Lecail-Concerto Romantique BMP
    084* Mendez-Scherzo in d minor CFM
    085* Molineaux-Sonata in Two Movements
    (play either mvt.) SHP
    086 Neruda-Concerto (Include 2 mvts.) MUS
    087 Nestico-Portrait of a Trumpet KEN
    088 Niverd-Aria et Toccata LED
    089 Pakhmutova-Concerto for Trumpet and
    Orchestra (all) MCA
    090 Peeters-Sonata (play 1st or 3rd mvt.) PET
    091 Pennequin-Morceau de Concert KAL, MBC
    092* Petit-Premier Etude de Concours CBC
    093 Pilss-Concerto (any mvt.) BLD
    094 Pilss-Sonate for Trompete UED
    095 Planel-Concerto (1st or 3rd mvt.) EDT, TPC
    096* Porrino-Concertino RIC
    097 Presser-Suite for Trumpet (any 3 mts.,
    include "Jig") KEN
    098 Purcell-Sonata (all) MUS
    099 Reed-Ode for Trumpet SMC
    100 Riisager-Concertino (1st or 3rd mvt.) WHH
    101 Ropartz-Andante and Allegro CBC, SMC
    102 Runolfsson-Sonata (1st mvt.) HEM
    103 Savard-Morceau de Concours CBC, SMC
    104 Schmidt, F.-Suite Op. 133 (any mvt.) DUR
    CORNET & TRUMPET SOLOS (Continued)

    105* Senee-Concertino (2 mvts.) SMC
    106* Simon-Willow Echoes CFM
    107 Staigers-Carnival of Venice CFM
    108 Stevens-Sonata (1st or 3rd mvt.) PET
    109* Thome-Fantaisie CBC, PMS, MBC, SMC
    110 Thomson-At the Beach CFM
    111 Tomasi, H.-Concerto (any mvt.) LED
    112 Torelli-Concerto in D (all) TPC
    113 Tull-Three Bagatelles
    (play No. 1 & No. 3) BHI
    114* Turrin-Caprice TBP
    115 Uber-Petite Rhapsody KEN
    116 Uber-Springfall (unaccomp.) TOU
    117 Vannetelbosch-20 Etudes Melodiques et
    Techniques (any mvt.) (unaccomp.) LED
    118 Villette-Concertino (1st mvt. or 2nd &
    3rd mvts.) LED
    119 Vivaldi/Fitzgerald-Allegro RIC
    120 Walters-Episode SMC
    121* Walters-Fantasy for Trumpet BMP
    122* Welcher-Nocturne and Dance SPR
    123 White, Donald-Sonata (1st or 3rd mvt.) KNG
    124 Whitney-Concertino (1st or 3rd mvt.) GSI
    125 Williams, John-Concerto (any mvt.) HLN​
    126 Wormser-Fantasie, Theme & Variations LED
  2. SpiritDCI08

    SpiritDCI08 Piano User

    Feb 11, 2009
    Fort Campbell, KY
    Pick one you like and can play. Keep in mind the slower and longer the notes the hard it will be to play. But, don't play one that's too too fast.

    Look for Concert Aria by Mozart
    it's a fun and crowd pleasing piece

  3. ltg_trumpet

    ltg_trumpet Mezzo Piano User

    Jan 21, 2009
    spirit, one thing i do when i pick a solo is to check if i can play it, if i can play it good while sight reading i will not do it, i always pick a peice that will push me hard, cuz if you devote the time to something, you will get it done, for instance... i told my self that im going to do carnival of venice senior year, and i honestly think i will... and your completely right on the long note thing, ive always found that they are dificult. thanks for the tips... ill look into the aria peice...
  4. SpiritDCI08

    SpiritDCI08 Piano User

    Feb 11, 2009
    Fort Campbell, KY
    if they allow it
    i have a copy and i can send it too you

  5. s.coomer

    s.coomer Forte User

    Mar 25, 2005
    Indianapolis, In
    It is impossible for anyone here over the internet to suggest a solo for you when we have never heard you play. If you have a private teacher consult them and see what they think.
  6. ltg_trumpet

    ltg_trumpet Mezzo Piano User

    Jan 21, 2009
    sorry scoomer, i was just wondering what were your favorite solos on this list...
  7. Markie

    Markie Forte User

    Jan 4, 2009
    Clarksburg, WV
    ask your teacher. They know your strenghts and weaknesses. Since its a competition the idea is to win. right?
  8. samdaman

    samdaman Pianissimo User

    Jun 15, 2006
    Baltimore, MD
    Another thing that might help to is go find recordings of some of these pieces. If you get done listening to the piece and you want to replay that track, then it might be a good piece for a contest. If you fall asleep half way through, it might not be the best piece. Also by listening to it, you will get a good model of how it could sound. You can take that performers interpretation as a departure point and add your own vision to the piece. Best of luck to you!
  9. occidental

    occidental New Friend

    Jan 16, 2009
    I've never believed in competitions personally but if I were to pick one, I'd pick the 1st of the 14 characteristic studies for Arban. I just like the way it's written. For your competition, pick something you can play well and feels good to you.
  10. soloft

    soloft New Friend

    Jan 14, 2009
    The way I always look at solos is this:
    1) does it sound fun to play?
    2) do I honestly think I'll be able to play it?
    3) will it help me advance?
    My last two solos in high school (Arban-Carnival of Venice; Irons-The Grand Canyon) I picked to increase my technique. Believe me, they will get your fingers and lips flying. But, now in college, my teacher is bugging me that I forgot to work on my sound. I would say if you want a solo that will advance your technique and sound at the same time, try any of the Clarke solos. They're all very melodic, challenging, and fun. Try your best to win the competition, and don't go for something too crazy.

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