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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by SophiaPetrillosBuddy, Feb 4, 2015.

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    Dec 19, 2012
    For my college audition, I'm required to play a concerto (examples are Concerto In A-flat, Concerto in E-flat, Prelude and Ballade, and All Antica) or solo without accompaniment. I prefer a solo without accompaniment, due to not having access to a piano player. Does anyone have a suggestion of something to play or something they've played for an audition? Also, I'd like to know your experiences during the audition with scales and sight reading (e.g. what scales you had to play and the difficulty of the sight reading piece). Thanks for the help!
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    As far as scales go, learn them all. It could be you are asked to play a C major scale, or you may be asked to play something like a two octave Eb melodic minor.
    As far as sight-reading, I usually would pick out a short piece in 6/8 and another with dotted quarter and sixteenth notes for the student to play.

    As for the concerto, there are none for solo trumpet that I know of. You might want to check out Fisher Tull's 8 Profiles. You can always choose to play a concerto without accompaniment, in which case you can choose the one that lets you shine the most.

    It all boils down to you showing you can play in tune, on time, and with the proper style.
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    I don't know, I think the theme song for the Golden Girls wouldn't be so bad either. Welcome to TM Sophia's Buddy.
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    Audition solo suggestions: From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific or Characteristic Study #1 from Arban.
    Scales: just know them all
    Sight reading: No way to prepare, other than open Arban at random and just play what's in front of you. Do this multiple times a day over the course of several weeks.
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    Oct 26, 2003
    Solo - The only time I ever did a college audition (back in 2008 when I was in my late 30s) I used Prelude et Ballade - I was familiar with it, was pretty danged sure the audition adjudicators would be familiar with it, (fairly common upper level HS level repertoire) and I knew I could play it well. It may have actually been on a list of suggested pieces, which was another reason I chose it.
    Scales/Sight reading - N/A

    I don't know if the adjudicators gave me some leeway because I was an older, veteran gigging musician or what the deal was, but the only thing I played through was the solo. Actually....I think maybe I did do a bit of sight-reading but it was such a non issue that I don't really recall it - it must have been easy. I know I didn't play any scales though.

    I do remember that the solo went very well, and I probably passed the audition within the first 16 bars. To be completely serious, at 38 years old with the kind of experience I had, I didn't really play like your average HS senior auditionee. Ultimately it didn't matter though because even though I got accepted to the college, I decided to continue on with my regular career path, which had taken a pretty substantial turn for the better, and I didn't end up enrolling.

    My experience was here in Maryland at Towson University - other colleges are probably going to do things differently, so it would help to know where you are planning to audition.

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