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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by larry huene, Jan 24, 2009.

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    Nov 5, 2008
    I like the old wooden crash case's especialy my old Reynolds one which is covered in real coach leather and it sewn etc..... All the corners have thick heavy stainless steel reinforceing. The case lock's and I still have the OEM key from 1968. The inside is just like new.

    I have an old wooden case from 1946 that I need to replace the interior and redow the outer coveing. I like it because it is sturdy and it is small. The one from 1946 is barely larger then the trumpet but the down side is that you cannot cary music or spare mouth pieces etc....It is just barely big enough for one trumpet and one mouthpiece and one bottle of oil if you do not mind the oil being free to move about the case. The laminated wood from 1946 is in good shape. It had some type of fabric and paper covering that was peeling so I took all that off. I am probably going to spray the exterior with spray on truck bed lineing which is a heavy thick urathane base with a flat gritty texture. I will more then likely do it in black. The latch's still work perfectly but the springs ont he latch's need replaceing so when you push the buttons they do not pop up you have to pull them up. THe inside was in a red velvet that smeeled so bad that even though I cleaned it I could not get the smell out so I am going to re pad the inside and chose a fabric of my choice.

    I re-did my son's old Holton case with Zebra print fabric and used a spray on adhesive a lot like 3M automotive spray on adhesive. The kid has the coolest looking bag inthe school. I thought about doing the one case in Cheta or Lepoard print. When I go some place to play the trumpet player in me likes to be the center of attention and have all eye's on me!! I know it is a personality flaw but on that same note I kind of out grew that and now do not have to be the center of attention in most setting's just when I have a trumpet in hand!!!LOL

    I have considered makeing a case from Diamond Plate Aluminium just like truck box's or some gun case's. I am really good at working with metal. My wife does most of my fabric work because she grew up makeing clothes and blanket's and quilts etc.... She is an old school farmer's daughter etc...... She went to college just to make sure she did not marry a Farmer!!! I kid you not even though she did get a 2 year degree she mostly went off to school to get her "Mrs." degree. She is just as handy as I am but in completly different area's she makes the kids Halloween Custome's and they look like somethign you would see on a Movie set she is really talented and helps me a lot!

    I was just thinking??? I know I should stop no before Ihurt someone right!!! Namely myself. I wounder how hard it to copper plate aluminium? I know I would not be up to that but I bet Anderson's could do it! Maybe make it a top loading case that will hold two trumpet's that would be so cool????

    You know who has a nice shaped case in the interior??? Jupiter. The case I have is no doubt not that sturdy I can tell it has been made out of light weight materials that would not take much abuse. It holds the trumpet though very well. What I like is that their is a molded in circular/cylinder shaped area. It fits the round 2 once bottle of BLue Juice perfectly and keeps it from moveing around. The carpet like lineing is also very durable and soft. The latche's are some of the most positive in terms of their feed backa nd latching. i like the middle third alingment false latch for lack of a better term. The only thing I do not like is that it only has provisions for one mouth piece. I am sure I can drill a hole inthe foam and put another plastic mouthpiece holder in their but it would be nice if they all came designed to hold at least 2 and idealy 3 mouth pieces. My one Holton T602 case and My Reynolds case both have provisions for two MP's and have the hide away area so you can keep stuff from floating around the inside of the case.
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    Aug 7, 2008
    I understand, that happened to me before, my second valve case was bent and the valve was stuck, it only took about $35 to fix it though, but still was mad because i coldn't use it for almost 2 weeks..
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    I've heard of a friend of mine who had a car trunk close on her gig bag with the vintage Bach still inside...ow.
    Hey, you'd be amazed at what a good repairman can do, just see the Bachbrass site and look at the picture of the Bach C trumpet bell before and after it's restoration...there is always hope.
  4. larry huene

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    Jan 13, 2008
    thanks for all the great stories, lets me know how life in general is going by in too much of a hurry, we all need to slow down and be more careful about all we do. I think I will
    look into those torpedo cases, I have not found a store in the chicago area that has any to
    look at, I like what I see on their website. The trumpet that fell is going to stay that way as a lesson learned, maybe It's time to get something I've always wanted, although that's
    a long list. Larry
  5. ltg_trumpet

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    Jan 21, 2009

    I have a super colegiate, nice vintage peice, i guess when i put it in the case last, i didnt close the latches, so when i pulled it out of my locker, the top flew open and my trumpet hurdle out landing on the 3rd valve slide. it crushed in and smahed the valve casing so that when i went to check if the valves were ok, the second valve got stuck in.
    I was in such shock, my grand fathers horn is in dissaray in my room, cuz im guessing its gonna cost an arm and a leg when i finally get it fixed...
    at least it wasnt my silver....
    but still, that one has a lot of sentimental value...

  6. Bloomin Untidy Musician

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    Jan 14, 2008
    Trump in a space suit!
  7. Clarence

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    Jun 23, 2005
    san diego
    that would not had happen if you had a torpedo bag!
  8. tony h

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    Feb 21, 2008
    I feel for you , my first trumpet I kept it well but one day I handed it to a friend to hold for me while I sorted my shoe lases, they took hold of it by the main slide as they didn't know any better and you guested it slid out and hit the ground jamming the mouthpiece also scratches and one small ding . Eventually after a few years it ended up being held together with tape , plenty of dents and dings until one day the second valve jammed . It would have cost more than the trumpet was worth to fix , I just gave up after that , then after twenty years I got one for my birthday and here I am .

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