Son's first Band Camp – A pretty bad experience

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Aussie Matt, Apr 5, 2011.

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    While it sounds like a part of the day was terrible, it is good that he did enjoy the actual playing part. As far as bullying, most school administrators take that very seriously now days. It sounds like there was not adequate supervision. While I know that kids will typically be kids, most educators are going to supervise such that severe problems don't occur -or are at least noted and stopped.

    You might want to thank the band director for letting your son participate, but also explain the negative experience. If it happened to your son, it is happening to others.

    While folks my age tend to think of the gueling situations most of us had to endure when we were in school as "part of growing up," there really is no excuse for it. In fact, the legal ramifactions are enormous. In fact, as an administrator, there would be a quick conversation if it happened to one of my staff that there wouldn't be a camp if we couldn't provide adequate supervion and ensure safety. That said, bands are often their own culture and administrators may not know adequate supervison is not occurring.

    Hopefully, future years will be better.
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    My take on this is that your son was selected by his music teacher to attend that band camp as a rather elite and talented student. The instructers there were the persons at fault. It was their obligation to make certain that the other students had reason to look up to your child, instead of berating him. As a high school student I was sent to The National Music Camp at Interlochen Mi. for two summers on a scholarship. Many of the other kids, whose parents had paid to have their children there, did their best to put me down as being from too poor a family to be able to afford the camp. Dr. Revelli was our chief band instructor those summers. He made it VERY plain to these 'rich kids' that a few of us were there because of our abilities, not, the size of our mommy's purse. That shut those elitists down with their nastiness.


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