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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Marcel1998, Mar 30, 2012.

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    He should publish:
    The complete TrumpetMaster conservatory method.

    Edited by Vulgano Brother and Solar Bell.
    Annotated by Schawb
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    Sponcered by Old's Ambassador "when a 20oz hammer simply won't do"
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    The truth would be more like "A Cranky Old Mans Suggestions for Integrating the Trumpeters Universe". I am not sure that I would want to subject the other moderators or artists here to the friendly fire which would occur after the book was published....

    NOTHING that I post is original or could even be called different enough to be "mine". The difference in many of my posts is that I offer no bandaids, leave open wounds to heal under the sun, do not travel south to go from Washington to New York (or from San Diego to LA).

    Thinking back, I have done a couple of members here a disservice. Many have claimed THE solution to range, sound, or some other aspect - which is pure hogwash BUT the core of what they were thinking about did/does deserve further research. Sabutin had some stuff about resonance in the oral cavity that is very interesting. I got really carried away back then.

    The thought of a book does not appeal to me. The posts that seem to hit the nail on the head only do so in the context of the thread and THAT is exactly where the problem starts. I have even asked some young players to stop quoting me because they are copying and pasting out of context. Nope, the ignorance surrounding some of the comments made about Arban, Schlossberg, Gordon, Reinhardt, Clarke, Spaulding, Stevens, Maggio, etc. show that a book is not the answer (for me). Touching lives, a glass of wine together, a great practice session after a shower and trying to get to the essense of an issue before commenting are enough to keep me going.

    If someone wants to collect the quip and quotes, insults and praise, feel free to. Everything here is posted on an open internet forum with no "copyright". Don't put my name on it unless I have checked it for "context" however.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence in any case.

    Coolerdave, a 20 oz. hammer will ALWAYS do IF you use it when you should instead of when you have no other choices ;-)
    Many young players with edgy sound should NOT use the hammer as a model for articulation however!
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