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    Jun 6, 2008
    Thank you for your response, might have to try a Flip Oakes Flugel piece! I amusing a Denis Wick 4FL, 4BFL and mostly a 5EFL on a '72 Yamaha Silver YFH-731, but again I am not talking muted sound nor growl.....I can growl just fine. Airy, buzz is what I am after. I just naturally play clear and bright. I have to work at a warmer sound. I am not unhappy with Flugel sound. In fact I was going to sell the Yamaha Flugel ( owned since new) until I heard it recorded. I may post the recording, provided I can find my asbestos suit! I am sure there will be massive flaming to follow!
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    Jun 18, 2006
    People are so predictable... You aren‘t listening, and you did not understand what I said. You declare my answer „useful“ without even having tried it. I‘ll say forget it. You are not ready yet for any answer. Sound has to do with ears feeding the brain. The brain has to be „open“. I stand by my previous comments that are not opinions. You proved that they are facts.
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    Jun 6, 2008
    Pretty amazing psycho babble for someone who has neither met me nor heard me play! I listened to a majority of off subject absurd answers. 2 or 3 were very good comments ...the rest...Mutes, growling, oral cavity, common sense....OMG. How do you know I have not tried what you said. And something can certainly be viewed as useful....TO TRY before actually trying it!

    I am out!
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    You could always drill a hole in your trumpet. That will give you air and buzz I am sure.

    Seriously, when I listen to Miles or Clifford, I hear clarity of sound and a unique style. I hear some of that air in Chet, but I believe a lot has to do with how it's recorded, bell placement, etc.

    IMO, a warmer sound doesn't have more air in it.
  5. treble_forte

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    Some of the "dirt" in Roy's sound is because he sings when he plays to create that sound. Sometimes. Wynton and others do this too.

    There might be air in your sound already, it could be down to playing softer and recording out front. You aren't in a great position (behind the horn) to listen to this. Recording will greatly help.

    Look up whisper penny, it's a gimmick, but some ppl have used them for this.

    I hate to suggest chop things, but an airy sound is essentially a super inefficient playing style - there's air which isn't resonating the instrument rather just passing thru as wasted effort. Play soft and experiment with aperture.

    Everything I do in my practice is to mitigate these sounds.
  6. pss

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    Jun 14, 2016
    To have a dirtier sound you need to chill out, it works wonders for a lot of stuff, also for posting on Internet forums.
    How to chill out: the fast lane leads to hard drugs and getting your teeth kicked in, I don't recomend it. The easy way is to play a gig, have some beers with a couple of friends/alone in a dive bar, wash them down with some chasers, bitch about whatever is troubling your life. Start the next morning at 2 PM with a nice hangover, have a beer and some eggs and get your horn - no warm up, no technical studies, but do brush your teeth, not cool but necessary - get straight into "Body and Soul" or something like that (my favorite is "Almost Blue").
    Now that you have something to dismiss, I will give you something else to dismiss: focus and unfocus - you can't focus to play unfocused. So, again, chill out.
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    Apr 23, 2016
    Is this the sound you're looking for?

  8. GeorgeB

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    Apr 13, 2016
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    I think he left the building, guys.
  9. richtom

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    Dec 7, 2003
    Since he has been playing for 57 years, he shouldn't have the need to ask this kind of question. I've been at it for 57 years now and I learned years ago how to make sound changes when needed.
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    "And therein lies the rub." The fact is, we don't "know you have not tried", at least initially. The only information we can base suggestions on, is what you tell us it is. If it misses some background, whose omission is that? And why, then, aren't you getting the kind of focused answers you want?

    BTW, "psycho-babble" is often a disingenuous term to somehow imply that the sayer is overly intellectual in his response, therefore over the heads of the readers; sometimes, underestimating the intelligence of the writer and to enhance the position of the criticizer.
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