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    Jul 17, 2005

    I can second Mr. Griffin's suggestion of Vince DiMartino. I've heard him in masterclass several times and he is terrific. I also know several of his students who speak very highly of his teaching.

    Here are some other Southern schools I would recommend looking into: Southern Methodist Univ (Tom Booth), Univ of Texas at Austin (Ray Sasaki), University of North Texas (Keith Johnson, John Holt, and a killer jazz dept), University of Miami ... is Miami still considered south even with the displaced northerners? (Craig Morris and killer jazz dept as well), Florida State University (Bryan Goff, great website to look at also, look him up on Google), as well as many other schools previously mentioned by other posters.

    Good luck with you studies. Forums like these are great to gather info from people who have gone to many of the schools you're looking into. That being said, check out the websites for the schools you're interested in, email/call the trumpet teachers, and ultimately visit the ones you're really interested in if you have the means to. I hope this helps.

    Mike Blutman

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