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    Selmer had the radial 2 degrees valve cluster. I talked to Bauerfeind a while back about this. My idea was a 4 valve piccolo. They said that it is very tough to build those valves because after everything is soldered together, you have to grind and polish the inside of the valve casing before lapping the valves in. Conventional maschines can't handle the angle so it gets real expensive. You also have to think about the valve caps being removable at the bottom where they are VERY close together. I have a early 70's Selmer Radial D/Eb. The design works. In spite of MANY hours of play, there is little wear on the valves.
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    I have had many people play the horns with the top alignment (in the buttons) and in the cap and most people notice it more free blowing in the buttons.

    The top standard felts will wear just about the same as your inner felts, if not last a little longer.

    Many horns have used this design (felts in the finger buttons), Bach, Besson, Callachio, Benge, and Kanstul are just a few.

    It can be done with an existing section but would not be so cost effective because of the work entailed of taking the horn apart and refinishing everything. I could however, if you were to order a custom horn make the valve section that way if you would like, since I am assembling my own valve casings.

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    Isn't that backwards from what you said earlier?

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    Edited thanks...

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