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Discussion in 'Horns' started by Heavens2kadonka, Dec 5, 2005.

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    Had this baby right before it went to the Boston horn fest. I've been a bit slow to post my review because of computer problems (The new site design gave my computer an allergy for a while, haha).


    I am not a particularly big fan of silver horns. Just a personal preference. I find these horns to be boring. HOWEVER, I am a sucker just like everyone else. Stick a little gold trim, and BAM! We have an interesting horn. :lol:

    Now, I STILL like Kanstul and especially Leigh's lacquer work better, but The gold trim on this horn made the horn stand out enough for my tastes.

    About finish quality, soldering work, etc. Flawless. No sloppy solder work, nor was the silver uneven in look. It was what I expected from Felix and company.

    SCORE: 7 / 10



    Valves worked very well, reminding me of a Bach strad with a bit more speed, and less of that slight stick feel. Slides also were very smooth, and were again up to par (I have never found slides that were so great they demand extra points).

    However, I cannot help it. I prefer the valve action of Bauerfiend valves by far. While these valves were quite good, I would have definitely preferred that silky, flawless action that I find on Eclipse and Inderbinen.

    I also like lever spit keys over all the other stuff, so I gave points on that, as well.

    SCORE: 8.5 / 10



    Now, realize that all reviews are personal, objective matters. So please, I hope I dont offend anyone in saying what I am about to say.


    I have played Blackburn, Eclipse, Inderbinen, Phaeton, ZeuS, Kanstul, Getzen, a lot of nice horns, guys. I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to try a lot of whats out there.

    This horn, without a doubt, is the best darned horn I have ever played, period. *Gorgeous* sound, it was dark enough to get a full symphonic sound, but still had a ring you could feel in the timbre. The sound could be manipulated, I had no trouble blending with the band in any given situation. I just loved the sound, guys.

    The blow was at first, difficult to get a hang of. The leadpipe is variable bore, conical in approach. This meant I had to lay back, not force the sound out as much.

    Strange thing I found: when I got the hang of it, my endurance improved drastically. I actually stopped in practice after about twenty minutes out of HABIT, and then asked myself "Why I am I breaking?!?!" :lol:

    Intonation, was very good. I had no trouble getting in tune, and the upper and lower register especially wanted to "Lock in" a whole lot easier.

    Slotting? To me, I feel like some horns are like staircases with each step slowly getting smaller, which feels like a balancing act as you start getting around the high A above the staff. Slotting was a heck of a lot easier, here. I would get to high C, and then I started balancing. I thought that was nice. The compass of the instrument felt like it was built in better.

    The low register was strangely difficult at first, but it was just me forcing a bit more than I should. Silly wabbit..... :D

    Again, I have to comment again on sound. I was exactly what I wanted from a horn. Just... "Bootiful" I guess is the word I want to use (And apologize for the strange colloquialism).

    SCORE: 10 / 10


    TOTAL SCORE: 8.9 / 10


    Stuff I will add when I purchase this horn (Yup, I like this horn THAT much):

    Bauerfeind valve block. I refuse to have anything less for my next horn.

    Sterling Silver Leadpipe (Will give the sound more overtones, which would be even better).

    Leigh McKinney Lacquer Work. 'Nuff said.

    Bell Engraving. I'm thinking Floral design like a vintage Conn.

    Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

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    Van, i was wondering how much drifferent is the over-all tone compared to the pheaton 2030?

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    The Classic!

    Great horn, played it yesterday! Now I know why the Atlanta Symphony is a knockin! :lol:

    Nite Nite!

    Tony G

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