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    Nov 14, 2003
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    Good Morning,

    I've had the pleasure of putting NYTC's New Vintage Model through the ringers!

    This is a traditional style horn that sports a One Piece Gold Brass Bell and Sterling Silver Lead Pipe(#25 I believe), traditional style bracing and mouthpiece receiver. The valves are the same as my California except for the recessed caps!
    The horn as it stands is Polished Raw Brass and can be plated upon request!

    The Horn plays wonderfully! The blow is steady and smooth up and down the registers and the intonation seems spot on. The upper register surprisingly lites up rather nicely! Quality again is a staple with all of the horns that Felix designs!

    This horn is in a price range between $1,300 - $1,500 depending on plating choices! This makes for a price point that gives you a truly excellent value!

    Good going Felix!

    Tony G

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