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    Hi Folks,

    As you get together with your colleagues in Pennsylvania this coming week, please take a minute to support and endorse a new scholarship in the name of James George Stamp. This endowed scholarship is being established at the USC Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles and will be given annually to a deserving trumpet student. Once the contributions reach a minimum level, we can be assured that Jimmy Stamp's name and legacy will live on and never be forgotten.

    Jimmy Stamp was on the faculty at USC during the 1970s where he taught many trumpet students, in addition to countless numbers of private students for over 60 years of his life. Stamp, generally considered to be one of the greatest brass teachers of all time, taught a few generations of brass players, particularly in Los Angeles and Minneapolis, who were fortunate enough to work with this incredible master of "troubleshooting".

    If you feel that you have been helped, in any way, by the teaching concepts of James Stamp, and if you think that his name should have some presence in the world, please give generously, as I have and support this effort by telling others about it.

    Roy Poper, one of Stamp's leading exponents, will be giving a warm up class and presentation at this year's conference and has assured me that you will be able to pick up a James Stamp
    scholarship kit at Ken Larson's BrassWerks exhibit.

    I, as well as many, many players, have reaped the musical benefits and enjoyed the financial rewards that our studies with Jimmy brought us. Now it is time to give back and honor him with the James George Stamp Endowed Scholarship for Trumpet at the USC Thornton School.

    Thank you for your attention and have a great time at the conference, and tell a friend.

    All the best,

    Malcolm McNab
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