Star-Spangled Banner at the New York Giants game

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    ok -- for VB and a few others --- here are a couple of other "freelancers" that don't play the Star Spangled Banner like "EVERYONE THINK THEY SHOULD" --- but at least these guys didn't have the lyre on the horn --- at least these guys can remember all the notes ------- as for me!!!! ---- I think if you got the TALENT to make any song better (or make it your own) --- I don't necessarily find that a bad thing!!!! even if it's the National Anthem ------- seriously, if we were all COOKIE CUTTER players ---- then we only need 1 of us!!!!!! the rest of us would be UNNECCESSARY!!!!

    Dan Oxley Plays National Anthem at Chick-Fil-A bowl - YouTube

    Phil Driscoll Star Spangled Banner - YouTube
  2. kingtrumpet

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    Sep 20, 2009
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    of course -- I have to throw this trumpet trio in the mix ------ these guys play a few high notes --- and I think the center guy is still setting a bit (not sure many of us can play the high notes without a "little extra oomph"), of course that young kid, makes it look easier than I do -----as for me, I have to "MAKE HIGH NOTES -- NOT-- LOOK EASY" --- so yeah, I must be doing something wrong!!!!

    Trumpet trio plays national anthem - YouTube
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    Sep 20, 2009
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    ok -- this guy has some movement also (and admittedly he doesn't scream out the C like Arturo does) -- but just the same --- this guy doesn't seem to make it look too easy!!! --- the National Anthem ---------------------------and I suppose that should be enough of ole KT --- before I really tick off VB and some of you others ----- but yeah, we each have out idea of how a song should be!!!!

    Jesse McGuire National Anthem @ Phoenix Suns - LA Lakers Game 4 - YouTube
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    TOP TIP : Just light blue touch paper and run

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    I could consider playing the National Anthem (anyone's) sort of like kissing one's own grandmother: performed with reverence; not slipping her the tongue just because one can.
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    Flugelgirl, I may not be Navy, but I'm ex-USAF and my multi-brass rendition is DOD all the way. I cannot confirm that Sousa arranged it, but when he directed the Navy Band at Great Lakes during WWI he may have, whereas he was directed by the Secretary to provide the national anthems of all nations. However, as the general public should know and most don't is that the original composition of our National Anthem is by John Stafford Smith of Glastonbury, England from his To Anacreon in Heaven. Francis Scott Key, then a Georgetown (DC) lawyer only wrote the poem as became it's lyrics.
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    Interesting thread. Reminds me of earlier days when the Aussie national anthem was the British one. My high school music teacher wrote an arrangement which featured a delicious descant part that had been written some time ago for a royal visit down-under. Consequently I learned that on hearing the special arrangement, Her Maj indicated that "we were not amused" by the enhanced rendition. For someone not keen on old colonial ties this made the descant part a vital part for all future renditions of "God Save Their Queen" :-)
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    Well, I've got to confess that I played the lead part on this in the middle, with the lyre and my feet not together. I can say that I really was honored to play one of the parts that was written for us........AS WRITTEN. It was an amazing experience to play for 70,000 people to include the Giants and the Broncos and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra (yes Wynton played with the band about 30 feet from us). We sound checked it about 5 times in the morning and there was alot of delay and noise which provided an nice challenge to overcome. Yes it would have been great to have had it memorized but seeing as we got the call 2 days before the performance, lyres were the most sensible option given the fact that we had other jobs in those two days as well. We did discuss "feet together or feet apart" and seeing as I had written notes 4 ledger lines and above, it made sense to be as relaxed as possible. So, as for me, it was "feet apart." I always enjoy the positive comments on these forums. positivity breeds positivity.
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    Careful about your comparisons: I'm my own Grandpa
    "I'm My Own Grandpa" Performed by Dennis Warner - YouTube

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