Start beginners on cornets?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by cornetguy, Oct 11, 2005.

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    Nov 9, 2003
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    I started on trumpet, then switched to cornet the next year, due to financial concerns. The cornet was cheaper, and the band system I came into DID NOT allow trumpets. The sound model for the group was American style cornet, not BBB style. We all used the Bach 7C or Conn 4 until high school, no exceptions. In high school we were allowed to play whatever mouthpiece got the job done, and this is where I learned you can have multiple mouthpieces and a single instrument, and create different tones. I used a Bach 5A for concert band, and a 10 1/2C for marching band.

    For the OP, if I were a teacher and had a choice in the American educational system, I would opt for cornets. They are a lot cheaper here, and so few band systems use them the odds of a student getting more bang for the buck goes up. In a perfect world, I'm want trumpets for the field and pep band, cornets in concert band with the trumpet parts covered by a C cup mouthpiece in a cornet.
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    I like the cornet because:

    One of my big heroes, Louis, started on one and played one for years after becoming famous, and all HIS heroes played 'em.

    For the same quality of horn, you can find the cornet cheaper than the trumpet. I'm sure my wonderful Yamaha, a 10-year-old student horn, would have cost me another hundred from the music store if it were a trumpet.

    It's about 5" shorter. Makes it easier to maneuver if it's crowded, allows it to be carried in a backpack if needed, etc.

    It's different, different sound I guess, it's cool because of this.

    It kinda looks cool too.

    It's supposed to be easier to do note-bends on I think? I'm not up to that level of skill yet, but that's going to matter to me.
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    I like the idea of starting kids out on cornet vs. the trumpet only because I think it helps them learn a good concept of sound and blend within a band, especially if they are going to be playing in a concert band. I played cornet in concert band in high school and that is what I attribute to the sound that I now get on trumpet. I get a lot of positive comments on my trumpet sound. If the kids are going to be playing in orchestras or jazz bands primarily then I would start them on trumpet and leave them on trumpet.
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    I have a valve trombone from India that could cripple a weight lifter. The balance is such that strong men might beg for mercy after a few minutes. In some ways it plays well. But i would be very concerned about any instrument from India or China that I did not know inside out for kids. Some of these instruments really could discourage younger players. I even built a support system so that horn doesn't beat my arms up.

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