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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by neal085, May 18, 2015.

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    A yute in the P&W band is fascinated by brass, trumpets in particular. This past weekend, I asked him why he didn't learn it.
    "My parents wouldn't get me any instrument that you can't plug in. The only way I got them to buy me an acoustic guitar was by convincing them to get me an acoustic/electric."


    And here I am, proud of the fact I'm the only un-mic'd instrument in this group...

    Back to the topic at hand and concerns regarding learning some boring, but universal instrument, such as piano. Sometimes we have to do and learn things that may seem unreasonable and possibly pointless. However, you can look back after several years and see how it benefitted you. I think every child should go through at least a year of piano lessons. You learn music theory, proper posture, and work both hands. From there, branch out to whatever instrument strikes the child's fancy.
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    The most important thing is that the student be ready to study music. Whatever their
    age, they need to be interested and mature enough to be engaged and do the work (obviously,
    this commitment should require less of a 7 year old than of a 10 year old. Nevertheless, the
    interest has to be there, or the student won't do the work and simply won't progress.).

    I personally feel that a student should be allowed to study the instrument they are interested in. It's
    hard enough to learn music, but even harder if one is being forced to play an instrument that one
    is not interested in. I also feel that the student should study piano or at least another chordal
    instrument along with the trumpet. This will allow them to eventually understand harmony, helps
    to write tunes, and may even be a viable double for them.

    The other thing that's VERY important is that once your son starts studying, expose him to as much
    music as possible. Records, videos, live concerts, clubs, festivals. Make sure that he hears as many
    genres as possible live.

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